Breathe’s New Office Location on Melrose

As many of our clients know, the team at Breathe Life Healing Centers is constantly working to improve our facilities and standards of care. Perhaps the latest example of this change has been the location of our offices. Now on Melrose, we are better equipped to serve our clients the best we can, as well […]

Meet the Intake Team

Cristina Meadows Director of Intake/Admissions Cristina Meadows has extensive experience in working in treatment, in addition, to pursuing a degree in Addiction Studies. Cristina has worked as a Treatment Intake & Admissions Call Center Manager with Clare Matrix, where she built and trained a team on the best practices regarding identifying client needs and client […]

Rodrigo Dasilva, AMSW, CSAT-C, Joins The Breathe Team

Breathe is excited to announce that Rodrigo Dasilva, AMSW, CSAT-C, will be joining our team as a Primary Therapist. Rodrigo has already proven to be a dedicated and motivated member of the Breathe team. His work in the field of addictions started when he was accepted to the New York University Silver School for Social […]

Melissa McCracken, CDAC, CSAT-t, Speaks at CMA2020

Breathe’s own Melissa McCracken, CDAC, CSAT-t, took to Zoom to accompany a variety of recovery experts at this year’s CMA “Modem to Modem” conference. Held on the 26th, she joined a panel alongside Charlie B. and Neal W. to discuss gratitude. The primary goal of the conference is to carry the message of recovery to […]

Nicole Gonshor Joins the Breathe Team

Breathe is so pleased to have Nicole Gonshor join our team as Clinical Outreach Coordinator. Nicole brings the relational approach that Breathe values coupled with her years of experience in supporting professionals and treatment providers with their client’s care. Her personal and professional drive, work ethic and passion comes through with each call she makes […]

Eating Disorder Nutrition

Nesreen Khourak

Ashley Lytwyn, RDN Executive Director is continuing to build out the eating disorder and nutrition services at Breathe Life Healing Centers. More from Ashley: I am so happy to announce that Nesreen Khouraki, MS, RD, is the Director of Nutrition Services at Breathe Life Healing Centers. Nesreen is passionate about working with eating disorder clients […]

Experience Detox & Residential

Brad Lamm, CIP Founder on Breathe & Experience Recovery If there’s one thing we love at Breathe more than relational care, it’s medical care at a detox. That’s why we are so happy to share that the quality care you have come to expect from Breathe Life Healing Center is now available to you and […]

Support Helps! Assisting Recovering Families

Support groups for family members of drug addicts

When one member of the family develops a drug addiction, the whole family suffers too. It hurts to see our loved ones hurting, and their behavior hurts us too. Experts agree that drug addiction is a family disease, rather than an individual problem. This is why support groups for family members of drug addicts can […]

Treatment for Meth Addiction

Treatment for Meth Addiction What Is Meth Addiction? When a person begins using methamphetamine, they often become addicted because of the strong and potent ingredients it contains. The person using the drug will almost instantaneously feel a “high” or “euphoric” feeling that is hard to explain, but they want more and more of the drug […]

Treatment for Bulimia

Treatment for Bulimia

What is Bulimia? Bulimia Nervosa or “bulimia” is a life-threatening disorder where people will consume large amounts of food and then use unhealthy measures to compensate for their “binge” session such as purging, diet aids, diuretics, enemas, laxatives or other diet aids. The first stage of bulimia is the “binge” stage where the person consumes […]