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Going to Breathe Life Healing Center was the biggest leap of faith I ever took and what I received was the greatest reward beyond my wildest dreams…my life back…my passion for living reignited…the love and respect for my myself & others …truly believing I am worthy of recovery…my husband got his wife back …my children got back their mother…my family got their sister back…my parents got their child back…but the best gift of all is when I am alone with myself I do not feel ashamed of who I am! Today I smile at who I see in the mirror looking back at me. That is priceless ! I will be forever grateful to the kindness, love and care I received at Breathe. I was broken desperately looking for help when I came to Breathe ….today 1 year 8 Months later I am filled with of LOVE, LIFE & LIVING MY DREAMS!!! Thank you Breathe! Please consider giving yourself the gift of recovery at this amazing treatment center…it was the best decision I ever made


Not only was this time in a program the best my daughter has had, it saved her marriage, that is for sure. Thank you Andrew, Mackenzie and Jeff Rock for making the trudge easier. I was so scared the day I first called and talked to Jeff and then he said “Breathe, you will get through this, I promise” We really appreciated the family class too with Rawley.


I’m going on 6 months of sobriety after leaving Breathe for treatment of anorexia and alcohol abuse. It may not sound like much to you but for this alcoholic it’s a miracle! After almost 10 years of trying to take my life back and failing to stay sober for even one month outside of treatment or pregnancy, the treatment, tools, people and support I received at Breathe stays with me. It has impacted me on every level. I have sought lasting sobriety in countless treatment centers, doctors, people, places and things all to no avail. This time there has been a shift. A shift that I whole heartedly feel is a result of the experiences I had while at Breathe. It’s difficult to describe in words the opportunity for sobriety that Breathe provided. I was a hopeless alcoholic battling a stout eating disorder when I entered Breathe and today… I have a new found richness in life, my higher power, and in myself! I am in acceptance. Today I AM ENOUGH!


I wondered how long it would take us to see the wheels fall off after the family workshop, as I admit I am a glass half full person typically but here we are six months later and still the tools we were given by Kathleen and Larry and Brad live with us today. Our daughter continues to thrive. She just celebrated six months. Fingers crossed. Thank you for changing US.


Breathe Life Healing Center is not a typical transitional home. After attending treatment in New England for 30 days, it was recommended that I receive transitional support to make sure I was ready for the “real world”. I went to Breathe just because I was taking direction. I am so glad that I made the decision. The Breathe staff was compassionate and professional. The house was beautiful and cozy. The food was delicious, and each day brought more clarity to my life and the goals I wanted to achieve. Breathe helped me organize my life outside of treatment so it is a safe place for me and the people around me. I would recommend Breathe to anyone who is needing a transitional program or a sober living.


Breathe changed my family’s life. The compassion and determination they have for their clients and their families is unsurpassed. This is where you go to do the hard work in an environment of complete support. The positive experience goes past the end of treatment with local alumni that act as the ultimate support system. Highly recommend.


Breathe Life Healing Center was an amazing experience for me. I attended Breathe ’s 90-day program and learned so much about my life and my recovery. The weekly Life Skills Workshops gave me great guidance on aspects of my life that were still in chaos from my problem. Each phase at Breathe gave me a bit more freedom and I now realize that is exactly what I needed to be successful in my recovery. I was able to see my family and friends while I was in Breathe. At the end of my program, though I felt ready to take on the next step in my life, I was sad that I would not be waking up to the amazing staff and clients at Breathe.


Returning home from the Family Workshop we are still on cloud nine and blown away by Kathleen Muprhys’ work with us. I must say, after having four adult kids go through rehab now, Breathe’s program has been the best, bar none.


Breathe Life Healing Center gave my family hope and helped us sleep better at night knowing our daughter was safe. My husband and I had many fears about how things would change once our daughter was out of treatment. We had so many unanswered questions. Do we remove all of the alcohol from our home? Do we set a curfew? Do we help our daughter financially? What do we do if our daughter gets upset or angry? All of these questions were answered with Breathe. During her 90-day stay at Breathe, our daughter received exactly what she needed in terms of coping skills. My husband and I no longer felt responsible for teaching these things to her. Breathe’s Family Program services and ongoing family support helped our family better communicate with each other and develop a family plan which made our daughter’s return home seamless. Today, our daughter is a different person. My family and I do not walk on eggshells. We have a broad and realistic outlook on recovery and the anxiety has been removed.  Two weeks ago, our daughter enrolled in Fall Classes and things are going well.


Hello from Milwaukee, where we’re back home and together after our family member was at Breathe for two months. Thank you all of you at Breathe. We got so much help along the way with Family Class (we love Rawly and Lauren!) that we just keep thanking our friends who told us about this place.

We first called Breathe almost 1.25 years ago, but we couldn’t get our son to agree to go, so here we are all this time past and we finally were able to get him in to get help after his college decided he couldn’t continue in school with his problems. The financial aspects of treatment were terrifying for our whole family but we got together for the deductible and made it all work out just fine.

The best part is that he was so distant and isolated before, and now after treatment he has found a new sort of himself that is astonishing to me each day. He is now in recovery 5 months, the longest stretch since he was in high school.

We wish we had gone to Family Week. We are thinking of going back for that next month at their invitation. Plus they don’t charge extra for that week long workshop.


I recently completed a 60 day program at Breathe. As it was my first time at a treatment facility, I didn’t have much in the way of expectations (knowing that what I saw in TV and movies was probably not accurate).

I knew just from the phone call that I was dealing with someplace different. Compared to the other place that I contacted, the Breathe staff member I spoke to was caring, passionate and interested in my story. I didn’t feel like a number at all. Once I decided to tour the facility, that impression continued. I was treated with respect, courtesy and understanding.

The campus where we ate, slept and attended non-clinical events is in a lovely setting. Waking up to Lauren Canyon mornings, misty and eucalyptus and rosemary scented, is a great way to start a day. Accommodations were appropriate; neither elegant nor dorm room-like. At the end of my stay, I had made my way to the property highest on the hill — the serenity and beauty there a nice “reward” for the work that I had done for myself. Food varied from cafeteria grub at the wrong temperature to tasty fare that you’d expect at a very good restaurant — apparently dependent on the number and type of guests in residence. No fault to the staff; the residential kitchen they use to create the meals isn’t up to the task at hand.

I think it’s important for me to stress the people at Breathe. I came to understand, from speaking to the other clients there with me who had been to other facilities, that this place was different due to them. From the Clinical Director down to the mentors on campus – most, if not all, in recovery themselves; I never experienced any treatment less than respectful and courteous. My personal therapist was outstanding. Group sessions were well thought out and executed. Psycho-drama therapy with the Clinical Director was (as my husband referred to it during our time at Family Week) — a “game changer.” None of this was “easy”, but I was here to recover, not have a spa trip. Each session with Parashakti, whether Soul Sundays on the deck overlooking the Canyon Sunday mornings, Tuesday nights of Reiki, Kundalini Yoga or Fire Breathing, one-on-one card sessions…was memorable, unique and completely inspiring.


Thank you so much. We are so much better and stronger as the result of your help and hard lines. We needed more than most families I bet, and thank goodness you didn’t give up on Ryan. With ETERNAL gratitude, Cory + Karen


My wife Caroline finished the program with Breathe West Hollywood just after they had opened I think, and we had a strong experience there so thank you so much to you all. Breathe Life worked with her insurance nicely and helped do all the paperwork to be on leave from work. Caroline and her mom and me participate in the five day family program which was super meaningful to each of us in quite different ways. She would have liked more coffee I know, but other than that, we had a strong family experience. I say this seriously, I hope we never have to do it again! Though if she had a relapse we would call you back in a moment. She still participates with the alumni programs so thanks a lot for that too. We got our family back.


Thanks for helping our family so much. The weekly Family Class really helped us begin to communicate with one another differently, so that was very helpful. We didn’t really think we were going to attend the weeklong Family Workshop time but finally did with our son’s therapist Shane, challenged us to do it. See we had been to three other family programs over the years and quite frankly my husband was mad and I was just so tired by all of it from the addiction that we weren’t sure we would attend. Finally, we decided too and it helped us so very much. Thank you Kathleen Murphy for helping us so much through our anger and pain to a new beginning with our son.

By the way, he just celebrated his one year sober anniversary so that is saying something. After all the rehabs etc, he’s finally stable and a good father to his girls like he wanted to be and we are doing well as a family. Thank you Breathe team.


My time at Breathe was a transformational for me. I graduated about a year ago after three months in the food program and have continued to apply what I learned. People do not take food addiction seriously and to go into a program was a hard decision to make. Addicts are control freaks and to think that it is a vacation is far from true, but they have a nutritional program which is by far the best I have encountered in years of nutritional education and a clinical program that really addresses addiction and trauma in a realistic way. The accommodations are wonderful and there is a true commitment to health (mental, physical and spiritual) and exercise. My main reason for continual lack of control around food was a chronic pain condition. I became aware that the pain and food were separate and continue to follow the nutritional guidelines I learned at Breathe. Thank you all for dedicating your lives to helping others reclaim theirs.


I did 90 days in the binge eating disorder program 18 months ago. I also have a history of drug & alcohol addiction. My experience was positive! Kathleen Murphy (clinical director) & David Wiss (dietitian nutritionist) were the two main reasons for my success. The program was at times challenging but ultimately very rewarding as I have maintained my weight loss & feel much more grounded in my personal & professional life. Working my program & maintaining my food plan is second nature to me now. Profoundly grateful.


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