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Family Class

The Family Therapy Class in Los Angeles is designed to help families develop a plan for recovery that they can uphold, as well as build relationships that are solidified on a strong foundation of honesty and trust.

In order to accomplish this, the Family Therapy Class in Los Angeles focuses on how:

At the same time, families will learn how to foster honesty and forgiveness in an effort to let go of blame, shame, and guilt. They will be encouraged to share their voices, experiences, and emotions so that positive change can be made and the negativity that addiction and other conditions have produced can slowly be eradicated.

How Does the Family Class Work?

Family Therapy Class in Los Angeles is an online class that can be accessed either through computer or phone. Those who join the class via a computer will have a more involved experience, as they will have both audio and video, as opposed to those who join by phone. 

However, regardless of how a family enters into the class, simply just being there to listen and participate is highly beneficial.

Those families who partake in the Family Class in Los Angeles either have a loved one in the program or who has recently graduated from it. Other families will also be included in the session and have a loved one who is also involved with the program. While there will be more than one family in the session at one time, each family is provided the opportunity to personalize the information that they receive in order to fit their needs best.

Not only will the Family Class focus on providing healing services to families, but it will also help them prepare to reintegrate their loved one back into the family in a way that promotes peace, positivity, and trust, as opposed to negativity, chaos, and conflict.

The Family Therapy Class helps families decrease their stress levels, develop healthier ways of being, and find peace after the destruction of addiction and other conditions. This class is most effective when it is combined with the 5-Day Family Workshop, which is a program where families come together for 5 days to learn more about addiction and other related conditions, as well as heal from the impacts of them.

Does Your Family Need Help?

When trapped in the whirlwind of a loved one’s substance use disorder, eating disorder, and/or a co-occurring condition, it can seem like the chaos that comes with it will never end. And, the longer that it lasts, the less hope one might have that things will turn around. However, with the right approach, families of those who are struggling with these conditions can get the support and guidance they need to move forward in a positive light.

If you and your family are ready to rebuild and repair, do not waste any more time. Contact us right now to learn more about the Family Class in Los Angeles.

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