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Everyone experiences a sense of anxiety at one point or another in their lives. For example, it is possible to be anxious prior to taking an exam, starting a new job, or preparing to engage in a major life event such as getting married or having a baby. Anxiety is a normal reaction to things like these, and in most cases, those feelings subside fairly quickly. Our Los Angeles Anxiety Treatment Program can help you recover.

However, for some, anxiety is not a fleeting emotion, rather one that negatively impacts their livelihood and wellbeing. Depending on the type of anxiety that someone is struggling with, his or her symptoms can cause social isolation, irrational behavior, health problems such as ulcers significant changes in weight, and so on. Those who have an anxiety disorder are also more likely to abuse drugs and/or alcohol as a means of coping with the effects of their mental illness.

Anxiety disorders are the most common mental illnesses in the country, as they currently impact approximately 18% of the adult population in the United States. It is possible to develop an anxiety disorder because of environmental effects, such as experiencing a traumatic event.

It is also possible that anxiety develops due to genetics, as some families pass down strong genes that predispose individuals to this disorder. And, for many, a combination of both genetics and environmental risk factors trigger the anxiety disorder.

When someone has an anxiety disorder, he or she will experience symptoms related to the kind of anxiety disorder that is being experienced.

Not everyone with anxiety behaves the same way, as there are five common types of this condition, including the following:

Unfortunately, even though anxiety disorders impact more Americans than any other mental health condition, roughly only 37% obtain professional treatment to combat their symptoms.

Getting professional help through an Anxiety Treatment program can be the most beneficial thing someone can do for themselves, especially if he or she is also dealing with other issues, such as a substance use disorder. Thankfully, many people who have an anxiety disorder can get help at our anxiety treatment.

Symptoms of Anxiety Disorder

Someone who has an anxiety disorder will experience a handful of different symptoms, some of which will be specific to the type of anxiety he or she has. However, there are a number of different symptoms that almost all individuals with anxiety, regardless of what type, experience, including the following:

Without Anxiety Treatment, those living with an anxiety disorder are often so preoccupied with the symptoms of the disorder that they are unable to fully engage in their personal, professional, and social lives. As a result, he or she might struggle at work, have constant arguments with family members, lose friends, and even suffer physical effects such as stomach pains, headaches, constant sweating, etc.

However, individuals do not have to let their anxiety disorder overpower them. Instead, they can get help by participating in our anxiety treatment program.

What to expect in Our Anxiety Treatment Los Angeles


Getting anxiety treatment can be life-changing for someone with an anxiety disorder. Not only can his or her anxiety disorder be treated effectively, but he or she can also obtain treatment for other co-occurring disorders, such as a substance use disorder.

The way anxiety disorders can be treated include the following options:


Upon receiving a diagnosis, an individual can be provided with a medication that is best suited for his or her needs. Medications including SSRI’s (Celexa, Lexapro), anxiolytics and sedatives (Xanax, Klonopin), and antidepressants (Zoloft, Welbutrin) can be prescribed to help balance out the individual’s brain chemistry so that symptoms become less.

These medications are often highly effective when incorporated into therapy, as only taking medication for an anxiety disorder is usually not enough to properly manage it.


For many people with an anxiety disorder, the most helpful form of treatment is traditional psychotherapy. Simply speaking aloud about anxieties that are especially problematic, feelings that surround the anxiety, and the ways in which change can occur can be highly effective.

Those with anxiety who share their experiences with this disorder with a therapist can begin to work through some of the issues that aided in the development of it.

Cognitive behavioral therapy, also known as CBT, is one of the most widely regarded forms of therapy for not just anxiety disorders, but several other disorders, including substance use disorders. When participating in anxiety treatment in Los Angeles, individuals can work with a therapist to identify the negative behaviors that surround their anxiety disorders and strive to develop new ones that will support healthy management of symptoms that can continue to occur.

When getting anxiety treatment, individuals will also learn how to incorporate self-care into their everyday lives, as doing so can keep anxiety attacks and symptoms at bay. These self-care tactics can include meditating, exercising, eating well, getting enough rest, and avoiding alcohol and other mind-altering substances.

When an individual is managing his or her physical and psychological needs on a regular basis, he or she can gain the strength needed to combat anxiety, as it is a mental health condition that is not curable but can be treated. Incorporating self-care into a treatment plan that includes medication and therapy can provide an individual with the best treatment outcome possible.

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