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What Makes Breathe Unique?

Breathe Life Healing Centers are community-focused addiction recovery programs, integrating personal recovery, spiritual discovery and world-class clinical care. Founded by best selling author and interventionist Brad Lamm, Breathe Life Healing Centers are the culmination of powerful collaboration between Brad and a talented team of industry leaders.

What is your involvement in your loved one's treatment?

All families of Breathe clients are encouraged to participate in our 5-Day Intensive Family Workshop. This takes place once per month and clients and families are eligible to participate after at least 30 days of treatment. The week is scheduled with Breathe’s Clinical Director and may include private sessions, codependency education, boundary education, and group sessions both with and without clients.

We also recommend sending letters of encouragement and support. If you have questions of what is appropriate to include, please contact your family member’s primary therapist.

What should you expect from your insurance?

We will bill your insurance if you have out of network benefits. Ultimately, your insurance company has the final say.  We do our part to fight for the benefits that you (or your loved one) deserve from your policy.  It is Breathe’s job to communicate with the insurance company and provide updates on the progress of you or your loved one’s treatment. Click here to learn more about insurance for treatment.

How will you know the progress of your loved one?

Providing there is a consent on file, you will be able to speak to a member of our clinical staff for general updates and progress reports on the nature of your loved one’s treatment on a regular basis.

When should I plan to visit?

This should be discussed with your loved one’s primary therapist.  The answer to this question varies depending on each case.

How can I be most supportive during the treatment experience?

You can best support your loved one by taking direction from your family class representative and making the family calls a priority. We also recommend finding your own support system during this time. Great support networks can be found by attending Alanon and/or co-dependency support meetings.

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