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What is Flakka?

Flakka is a synthetic cathinone called alpha-PDP. It is similar to other synthetic cathinones called Bath Salts. Flakka is also called ‘gravel’ because it looks similar to the gravel used in aquariums and is often colored the same way. Flakka can be eaten, crushed and snorted, injected or vaporized using an e-cigarette. It is easy to overdose on Flakka because it is difficult to control the dose or what it is cut with, which can be the difference between getting high and dying. Our Flakka addiction treatment can help you break free from this deadly drug.

Not only are people throughout the United States abusing drugs such as heroin and cocaine, but they are also abusing other substances that are 100% synthetic and highly dangerous.

Flakka is one of those drugs, as it is manmade and contains several different chemicals. Similar to bath salts, Flakka is a drug that has both stimulant and psychoactive elements to it and is believed to be highly addictive. This particular drug is part of a group of synthetics called synthetic cathinones. Cathinone is a naturally occurring amphetamine that can be found in the khat plant, which is indigenous to East Africa and parts of the Middle East. Flakka contains synthetic stimulants that mimic the natural stimulant found in that and can be snorted, smoked, swallowed, or injected.

Several people are drawn to the use of Flakka because of the many different effects it can produce, including the following:

Flakka Addiction Treatment in Los Angeles

Despite these effects, however, when abusing Flakka, there are countless other effects that can develop, and they are certainly not desirable. These include:

Flakka is 10 times more potent than Ritalin, making the reuptake of dopamine 10 times more powerful. This means that when consuming Flakka, a significantly higher stimulant effect is produced than Ritalin and the majority of other stimulant substances. This is one of the reasons why those who are under the influence of Flakka appear out of control in their behaviors because they are stimulated to an extreme extent.

Someone who is abusing Flakka will experience a combination of the following effects:

Today, certain strains of Flakka are illegal, however, in order to continually push more product, manufacturers will slightly alter the makeup of the drug so that they can deal a substance that is not yet illegal.

There is growing concern for those who abuse Flakka, as the effects caused by being under the influence are frightening and potentially deadly. However, as with any other substance of abuse, the most effective way to tackle an addiction to Flakka is to get professional help.

Flakka Addiction Treatment

Despite the uniqueness of Flakka, there are several different treatment approaches that can be utilized to help someone addicted to this substance get sober and begin building a life of recovery.

Flakka is one of the very few substances that have not been regularly studied. At this moment in time, little information is known about this substance outside of what is being gathered from Flakka users. However, traditional addiction treatment can still make a positive impact in a Flakka user’s life.


The first step that someone who is addicted to Flakka might partake in is detoxification, or “detox”. Detox is the process of clearing out this and other dangerous substances from the body so that one’s physical and psychological health can be treated. It is not uncommon for someone who is detoxing from this substance to experience the following symptoms:

Again, because little is still known about Flakka and the short and long-term effects it can have on someone, detoxing in the care of professionals is best. Flakka addiction treatment can offer individuals around-the-clock care designed to ensure their health and wellbeing while they detox.

flakka addiction therapy


One thing that is known for sure about addiction regardless of what kind of substance is being abused is that it is a challenging disease that impacts one’s physical, mental, and emotional health. When an individual has detoxed from Flakka, he or she can begin to participate in different forms of therapy that can help him or her work through issues that have both led to the abuse of this drug and that have developed as a response to the use. Some of the most effective therapies utilized for Flakka addiction treatment include the following:

Flakka addiction treatment takes hard work and determination on behalf of the individual receiving treatment. When the program is completed, he or she will either leave with an aftercare plan for how he or she can maintain his or her recovery or move into longer-term treatment.

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Being addicted to Flakka is extremely dangerous. It can take only one hit to cause an overdose, as there is no telling what it is mixed with. The effects that it produces causes negative impacts on your overall well being, which can be permanent. And, if you are under the influence of Flakka, you might behave in a way that jeopardizes your life or the lives of others.

Continuing to abuse Flakka will cause you to spiral out of control. There is no good that can come from abusing a substance like this. Our Flakka addiction treatment can help you put a stop to your use before it’s too late.

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