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Each individual person who is grappling with a substance use disorder has his or her own experiences and consequences that have shaped the type of person they are by the time they reach out for help. Some people are right in the beginning stages of their addiction but have received a scare related to their use that was frightening enough to push them to ask for help. Others might have had enough with their addiction and are truly ready to part ways for good. Whatever the reason that someone makes the decision to get help, the fact that he or she is even asking is an accomplishment in itself.

However, there are countless individuals who are on the brink of extreme danger because of their substance abuse but are nowhere near the point of asking for help. As a result, the friends and family of that individual might reach out for intervention services in an effort to save their loved one’s life before it’s too late. This is why at our many treatment locations, we provide intervention services.

Los Angeles Drug and Alcohol Interventions

In our Los Angeles location, we offer drug and alcohol interventions for the families of loved ones who are on a road with a dead end. An intervention is a multi-faceted event that occurs with the end goal being getting a loved one to accept professional treatment. Prior to meeting with the addicted individual, the family and the interventionist will work together to develop a course of action. For example, this might include having all involved write a letter to their loved one that explains their ultimatums if he or she refuses to get treatment. The pre-intervention will likely include deciding who should and should not be at the actual intervention and how the loved one will get to the place where the intervention is being held. The majority of the time spent during the pre-intervention will revolve around logistics and ensuring a flawless execution so that the individual will be more inclined to accept care.

When the time comes to conduct the intervention, the addicted loved one will be brought into space with his or her family and friends who will then read their letters and ultimatums. The interventionist will serve as a mediator between the family and the addicted individual, as well as help guide the intervention so that the best possible result occurs. If the individual accepts treatment, all plans for his or her travel and admission will be put in motion so that he or she can get started on recovery as quickly as possible. Should the individual refuse treatment, his or her family and friends must uphold their ultimatums in an effort to raise the bottom on their loved one so that he or she asks for help.

Outpatient Treatment

Our Los Angeles locations offer a number of other services outside of interventions, including family meetings, alumni group gatherings, and assessments. The assessments that are taken of those who reach out for help will determine the type of treatment that he or she needs. In the event that he or she requires inpatient treatment, they will be referred to our locations in Los Angeles.

Outpatient treatment is one of the most common forms of addiction treatment, as it does not require individuals to stop everything in their lives to get better. Instead, outpatient treatment programs work to help individuals maintain their lives and uphold their personal responsibilities while recovering from a substance use disorder.

Outpatient treatment is best suited for those who do not have a severe substance use disorder, who do not need detox services, or who do not have the ability to take time off of work to attend a residential treatment program. Through an outpatient program, however, individuals will spend a few days each week at the facility participating in different kinds of therapy. The majority of therapy that an individual partakes in will be group therapy, where he or she will work with others in recovery to address and cope with commonly shared challenges and risk factors. Each client will spend a few hours per day at the center, but will also be able to go to work, school, take care of their kids, etc.

Inpatient Treatment

Our Los Angeles locations also offer inpatient treatment programs, where those with more serious substance use disorders can obtain the help they need to stop their addiction.

At our inpatient treatment locations, clients will move into the therapeutic portion of their care, where they will partake in therapies such as individual, group, and family therapy. When the time comes for a client to wrap up his or her time spent at the inpatient treatment location, he or she can leave the program with an aftercare plan that is designed to help him or her continue on in their recovery outside of the four walls of treatment.

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If you are addicted to drugs and/or alcohol, know that you have several different resources available to you so that you do not need to keep going with your substance use disorder. At our Los Angeles location, you can receive care that includes family meetings, connection to treatment facilities, alumni support, and clinical assessments – all of which can point you in the right direction of recovery.

No matter if you just started abusing drugs and/or alcohol or if you are a career user, it is never too early or too late to ask for help. At Los Angeles location you can be connected to the type of services that will help you end your active addiction, eating disorder or mental health issues for good, as well as catapult your recovery.

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