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Failure to Launch Young Adult Rehab Center

failure to launch

Millions of young adults face countless challenges every day. For some, those challenges might include managing a large workload at their job, supporting a young and growing family, or simply handling life’s little curveballs along the way. For others, however, some challenges are much more complex, emotionally heavy, and difficult to manage. Young adults who experience issues such as eating disorders and substance use disorders are faced with several potential daily issues that can feel completely overwhelming, making them feel as though they do not have the wherewithal to handle the day, or worse – their own lives.

Today, 30 million people struggle with eating disorders in the United States, while 19.6 million people grapple with substance use disorders. Several of these individuals are young adults who have either lost their way due to their condition or who are in the midst of losing themselves to either an eating disorder, a substance use disorder, or both.

While eating disorders and substance use disorders are two very different conditions, those who have them tend to experience similar downfalls and consequences. For example, when an eating disorder and/or a substance use disorder is occurring, an individual is likely to begin isolating him or herself from others in order to fully engage in his or her behaviors so that he or she is not judged or experiences feelings of shame. As a result, he or she can start to feel extremely lonely, which can lead to symptoms of depression. And when someone is feeling depressed, he or she is typically not motivated to do much outside of engaging in the behaviors they utilize to cope.

This is merely just one example of how young adults can lose their way when attempting to deal with an eating disorder and/or a substance use disorder. The young adult rehab can help these individuals step out of their disorder(s) and start launching themselves into success.

Who Does the Young Adult Rehab Program Treat?

The young adult rehab treats those who struggle with social, physical, financial, and spiritual grounding as a result of the conditions they have experienced. They might not have the ability to excel in these areas just yet, however through the young adult rehab program, professionals can help them start to get on their feet.

This specific program treats those young adults who are:

The young adult rehab finds that the majority of their clients are between the ages of 25-35, and have the following characteristics:

These same individuals also have challenges associated with:

Components of the Young Adult Rehab

All young adults in the young adult rehab program will be provided with a comprehensive approach to their care so that the many areas of their lives can begin to flourish. The young adult program offers a number of different components of care, including a holistic and psychological component.

Holistic Component

Within the environment of the young adult rehab program, growth, development, self-discovery, and serenity are cultivated through the holistic component. Individuals involved in this type of program will adopt a number of different therapies and approaches designed to help them heal from the inside out, including the following:

Psychological component

Individuals who are attending the young adult rehab program will be assigned a case manager who will double as a life coach. He or she will work with the client to develop a number of short and long-term goals and ideas on how to achieve them. Each client will also be provided with a full psychological evaluation and receive weekly follow-ups as necessary, as well as participate in life skills classes.

Personality Testing

Clients are provided with a short workbook that offers personality testing, which can help enhance his or her treatment plan while in the young adult program. The answers that he or she has will also help therapists and other professionals continually guide the client towards making good decisions that support his or her ability to “launch”.

Also considered components of the young adult rehab include a family class, where clients and their families can work together to resolve issues and build strong bonds. Clients will also go on excursions, have gym time and alone time, and participate in healthy meal planning.

Do You Need Help?

We understand the many challenges that a young adult can face in regards to launching into adulthood. Furthermore, we realize how a past with eating disorders or substance use disorders can make moving forward with life just that more complicated. Breathe’s young adult rehab can help these individuals find their way and do so successfully.

If you are in need of treatment, do not hesitate to ask for help. There is no shame in needing help, nor is there any in getting it. The young adult rehab program can help you today.

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