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Opiate Addiction Treatment

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Our treatment team is highly experienced in treating opiate addictions as well as a vast technical understanding of the science behind the addiction. We understand that for many, this addiction may be completely unique and separate from the person’s character.

At our Life Healing Centers, we provide a safe environment allowing our clients to work through, let go, and redevelop the natural processes within the body to feel good again, naturally. Our unique combination of specialized opiate addiction treatment, together with the emotional and spiritual support provided means that clients and families get their lives back, better than before.

What Classifies an Opiate?

Opiates are substances that are directly derived from the opium poppy, a naturally occurring plant that has been mostly indigenous to parts of Asia and the Middle East. However, these plants are now found in places such as Australia, Mexico, and even as close to home as North Carolina. In fact, in 2017, a poppy field worth approximately $500 million was discovered (and then destroyed) by police. The opium poppy is responsible for the production of heroin, opium, and codeine, to name a few.
Several people, upon hearing the word “opiate”, believe that opiates are the same as opioids, however, there is a difference. Opiates are naturally occurring, while opioids are either semi-synthetic or synthetic. And while these terms are not interchangeable, all opiates are considered opioids. So, when discussing the opioid epidemic in the United States, it includes substances like opium and heroin.

Drug Treatment in Los Angeles

Today, opiates are part of a huge public health crisis – the opioid epidemic. In 2016 alone, the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) reported the following statistics:

With millions of people abusing, experimenting with, or overdosing on opiates like heroin, there has never been a more appropriate time for opiate addiction treatment.

Components of Opiate Addiction Treatment

When an individual is addicted to opiates, he or she is at risk of experiencing any number of mental, physical, and emotional effects that can jeopardize his or her overall wellbeing. Several people who are addicted to opiates grapple with the following:

These are just merely a few of the effects that opiate addiction can cause within a user’s life. Because these effects impact one’s social, mental, emotional, personal, and professional lives, it is imperative that opiate addiction treatment provides a comprehensive approach to treatment.

Opiates are highly addictive, and it only takes a few times using for the body to become addicted to it. The continued use of heroin can lead to physical and psychological dependency, which requires professional detox services. The withdrawal symptoms that one can experience when stopping his or her opiate abuse are comparable to a severe case of the flu and can be extremely difficult to cope with. However, detoxing in a medical facility can allow access to prescription medications clinically proven to be effective in minimizing both withdrawal symptoms and the urge to use again.

When an individual is sober and has a sense of clarity, he or she can begin participating in therapy. Based on his or her needs, opiate addiction treatment can include specific forms of therapies that are designed to help them address the psychological and emotional aspects of their addiction. For example, an individual might be involved in some core therapies, such as individual, group, and family therapies, but also involved in other therapies specific to their needs. Some of the most common therapies that are often provided to recovering opiate users include:

As the individual continues to make his or her way through therapy, he or she will eventually get to a point where he or she can transition back into everyday life. To do this, opiate addiction treatment can help provide him or her with an aftercare plan. This plan can help lay the groundwork for the continuation of recovery.

Benefits of Our Residential Opiate Addiction Treatment

Being addicted to one or more opiates can have a massively devastating effect on an individual’s life. However, when participating in opiate addiction treatment, individuals can gain several different benefits that can help them change their lives for the better.

For starters, going through the stage of detox can provide individuals with a solid first step in their recovery. It is very common for individuals to attempt to detox on their own and be unsuccessful in doing so, because withdrawal symptoms and cravings take over. However, detoxing in a professional medical facility can give individuals the stability and assistance they need in order to get through this process so they do not go back to using.

It is nearly impossible to have an addiction to opiates without also having personal issues that have contributed to the development of this disease. When individuals participate in therapy, they are afforded the opportunity to work on these issues in ways that not only alleviate them of the stress their impacts have had, but also help them develop new ways to cope with future issues effectively so they do not go back to using.

Opiate addiction treatment, while beneficial in helping individuals through detox and by offering therapeutic services, is also effective at encouraging individuals to develop and utilize their support system. For example, through group therapy sessions, individuals can start to build that system amongst others in the group. Family therapy can help them reestablish and strengthen their relationships with their loved ones in ways that allow them to be a part of his or her support system. Recovering from opiate addiction is extremely challenging to do on one’s own, if not impossible. The benefit of having a support system is priceless, as it can help an individual remain in recovery for a long time.

Start Your Sobriety Journey Through Our Opiate Addiction Treatment

If you are addicted to opiates, you are not alone. Hundreds of thousands of people are also grappling with an addiction just like yours, however you do not need to continue to use. By reaching out for opiate addiction treatment, you can turn your life around for the better.

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