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Prescription Drug Addiction Treatment

Breathe Life Healing Centers offers more than just recovery from a prescription drug addiction – we help you overcome the need for substances both on a chemical and psychological level. Within our Life Healing Centers, we give you the space you need to let go of addiction, and help you through the trauma of moving back from drugs towards natural balance. With our comprehensive program, we help you get back to being you.

Prescription Drug Addiction Treatment

Prescription drugs of all kinds have helped millions of people in the United States cope with serious mental and physical conditions. They have worked to improve their lives and allow them to do things that they never could do before. And, when coupled with therapy or other healthy behaviors, prescription drugs can serve as a catalyst for a better life.

Unfortunately, with every rose comes its thorn. Prescription drugs, while beneficial for many, are highly addictive. Those who struggle with the disease of addiction cannot utilize countless prescription drugs without abusing them. And, considering the high rates of the prescribing of these medications, millions of people with substance use disorders find themselves addicted to prescription drugs like OxyContin or Xanax.

Contrary to popular belief, abusing a pharmaceutical substance is not safer than abusing an illicit one. Just because prescription drugs have been developed by experts does not take away the danger that they can cause. Abusing any prescription drug outside of the recommended usage can put anyone at serious risk for suffering physical and psychological consequences, never mind overdose, which can be deadly.

Prescription Drug Addiction Treatment

When someone is addicted to one or more prescription drugs, he or she may be in a state where reaching out for help might seem impossible. The idea of stopping use can seem so foreign and frightening that he or she might keep using to avoid the very thought. An individual might be experiencing so much psychological and emotional pain that the only way he or she believes he or she can survive it all is through the abuse of prescription drugs. To those who abuse these medications, these are all viable reasons to avoid getting treatment. However, without getting help, abusing prescription drugs can lead to issues even more upsetting than the ones he or she is already dealing with.

How is Prescription Drug Addiction Treated?

Prescription drug addiction is a condition that can be challenging to treat, simply because it requires a large amount of effort from the user. Unlike other diseases that can be easily treated, addiction is one that takes a lot of inner strength and devotion from the user in order to fully heal. To help assist in that process, Breathe’s prescription drug addiction treatment provides a comprehensive approach to treatment.

There are often three different levels of care in a residential and/or inpatient treatment program: detox, therapy, and aftercare. The first part of this process, which is detox, is known for being extremely challenging, however, when done through a medical detox center, it can be much more comfortable.

The detox center can provide clients with medication-assisted treatment to help them get through their period of detox without feeling the urge to run back and use. The withdrawal symptoms that one might feel can vary based on the prescription drug that he or she is using, however, the majority of prescription drug users will experience muscle aches and pains, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, headaches, problems sleeping, depression, anxiety, and insomnia. Thankfully, these symptoms can be minimized through the application of medication-assisted treatment.


Based on the needs of the client, several different therapies will be provided to him or her. Nearly every client at our prescription drug addiction treatment will participate in individual, group, and family therapy to address their own personal challenges as related to addiction and how it has impacted their ability to socialize, interact with family, and manage common twists and turns of everyday life. Other therapies can also be provided, including the following:

When a client has completed his or her prescription drug addiction treatment and is ready to transition back into everyday life, he or she will be provided with an aftercare plan that has been developed with them as a means of staying on track in recovery post-treatment. This aftercare plan might include details on how many times to go to support group meetings, where he or she might live, what boundaries he or she will set to maintain his or her sobriety, and more. Having an aftercare plan to walk away with helps clients to feel continually supported even if they are not in the care of a prescription drug addiction treatment center.

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Being addicted to one or more prescription drugs is devastating to your physical, psychological, and social wellbeing. All areas of your life can be destroyed, and even though you might not feel as though you have any ability to stop it, you can. You have the power to say “enough is enough” and reach out for help right now.

By getting the help that you deserve, you can begin to sort through the many issues that have contributed to or developed in response to your prescription drug addiction. As you continue to peel back the onion on these issues, you can better manage how you move forward in your recovery.

Do not wait any longer. Reach out to our prescription drug addiction treatment right now.

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