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Welcome to Our Alumni Page

Since opening Breathe Life in 2012 just off New York City’s Union Square, we have grown and helped more than two thousand clients and thousands more family members.

In these unprecedented times we know we do better connected, than apart.

So in that spirit we have increased our weekly online BreatheOUT alumni options. Find the links below, and email us to join the private Facebook BreatheOUT page for live links and real-time connection.

Weekly Alumni Support Groups

BreatheOUT hosts a weekly support virtual groups that alumni are welcomed to attend and participate in. These support groups can serve as ground zero for those launching their recovery, offering a place to work on building their recovery life alongside familiar faces. At these support group meetings, alumni are invited to share their successes and setbacks, coping skills and strategies, and even their personal recovery-related to-do lists.

Send an email to learn more about attending meetings:

Consider attending a weekly BreatheOUT™ meeting live, or via podcast on your mobile device. Be of service to someone who is just getting started at Breathe by being a responsible helping hand. Join our private Facebook page for alumni; contact Admissions for an invitation.

Alumni Feature: Five Alive Q&A

Get "On Breathing" at Home

Brad wrote On Breathing, A Recovery Meditation, in May 2020 as a pocket reminder that we are connected and cared for.

Breathing below the neck truly changes how we feel, so the book is an easy guide to revisiting your breathing practice with your Breathe family.

The mistery of 2020 is what it is; unprecedented and unprecedented. You are beautiful, sturdy and recovering together with others.

Alumni Resources

Media & Videos


America Recovers Podcast

America Recovers is your spot to collect sound counsel from friends Brad & Mack regarding addiction, trauma, eating disorders and all manner of struggle. Brad & Mack work together by day at Breathe Life Healing Centers, and in their spare time, make America Recovers to help others help themselves and the ones they love.

BreatheOUT offers continual support to all who have come through the program so that they not only have a strong sense of support from others, but also keep increasing the determination, responsibility, and accountability they need to succeed in their recovery.

breathe out

If you are completing one of our programs, we encourage you to continue to stay connected to services like BreatheOUT, as doing so can help you feel supported during your beginning stages of recovery.

Please keep your contact information updated so our Alumni Coordinator can contact you with current and new services to support you and all Breathe Alumni. 

Are You a Breathe Life’s Alumni?

Please update your information below so we can contact for support options, send messages and updates for Alumni Support.

By submitting, you grant permission for us to contact you and send the new recovery meditation bookON BREATHING by mail, along with a note & lavender bath salts. Onward, Brad, Deb, Kathleen, Mack and Team Breathe

When were you at Breathe? Have you found our support groups useful? Any comments or updates to share are welcome. - Brad