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Extended Addiction Treatment

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extended addiction treatment

The disease of addiction is extremely complex – so much so that those who have it might need one year or longer to recover. Addiction Extended Care Treatment supports sustainable recovery.

Every individual substance abuser has his or her own unique relationship with drugs and/or alcohol. Because of that, there are several different treatment options available including inpatient treatment, intensive outpatient programming, and outpatient treatment. These three forms of treatment are the most common amongst individuals looking to get sober after abusing drugs and/or alcohol. However, not everyone is cut out for one of these types of treatment programs. For some, addiction extended care treatment is the best option.

Different from popular belief, extended addiction treatment is not another name for long-term treatment. Long-term treatment can last up to 90 days, while extended care lasts for at least a minimum of 60 days. Individuals that have grappled with long-term, hard-to-kick substance use disorders can find benefit in our addiction extended care treatment program, as can those who have a dual diagnosis and require in-depth, prolonged treatment on a regular, if not daily, basis. Extended addiction care is an excellent option for those who have gone to treatment before but have relapsed, do not have a healthy living environment to return home to, and those who have medical and/or severe psychological problems. In order to enter into an extended addiction treatment program, individuals must have completed primary treatment or who are returning after relapsing.

Studies show that the longer that someone with addiction remains in treatment, the least likely he or she is to relapse. For some, this could not be truer, as leaving a traditional treatment program without a solid plan for sustaining recovery can backfire on an individual and cause him or her to wind up right back where he or she started.

Thankfully, there are options for those who need more time recovering from the disease of addiction. Addiction extended care treatment is an excellent place to start.

Addiction Extended Care Treatment

Our extended addiction treatment program is not structured the same way that other forms of treatment are, such as inpatient or outpatient treatment. Clients will still receive different types of therapies to address mental health conditions and/or the disease of addiction, however, there will be a much larger focus on helping each client learn how to build a happy, substance-free life.

Most extended treatment programs have options for clients in terms of living environment. Our addiction extended care treatment program offers clients the ability to live on their own or live with others who are also in recovery. Some programs might even provide homes for individuals to live while they are in the program. Being in an atmosphere that is supportive of a recovered lifestyle is extremely beneficial, if not priceless. Several people return home after they have completed treatment only to find that their environment is a trigger for them. However, through addiction extended care treatment, clients have options so that they do not need to be in a space that promotes using.

Additionally, clients have the freedom to come and go, allowing them to continue to go to work or school, but still obtain structured addiction treatment services.

Unique to extended addiction treatment, clients are provided with several services designed to help them rebuild happy, successful lives. Professionals working in an extended addiction treatment program can connect clients to those who can help them find housing and obtain employment – two of the most important aspects of one’s recovery. As previously mentioned, returning home to a place that is reminiscent of a past life filled with substance abuse can be triggering for an individual, leading him or her to relapse. However, he or she might not know how to go about finding a different place of residence. Extended care can help the individual search for housing.

Also, addiction extended care treatment can help those in recovery find employment. For countless people, unemployment is very common, as their substance use disorder consumed all of their time. Now that an individual is sober and in recovery, he or she can get back into the workforce, but he or she might not know where to start. Through the guidance of the program, clients can develop top-notch resumes and get in touch with employers in an effort to land a job.

Our extended addiction treatment program does not just focus on helping clients find housing and employment, but it also helps them learn how to recognize good and bad relationships, develop a healthy lifestyle, nurture friendships and relationships with others, and identify events that might trigger their use again. When received at the same time, these methods of living can help an individual put a stop to the behavioral problems that lend themselves to his or her use in the first place.

Achieve Lasting Sobriety in Our Addiction Extended Care Treatment

Extended addiction treatment is certainly not for everyone, however, those who do need it often obtain that greatest benefits possible.

Not every substance abuser heals at the same pace, which is why extended care is an option for recovery. If you or someone you love can benefit from participating in extended care, then reach out for help right now.

The longer that you abuse a substance like alcohol, painkillers, or stimulants like meth, the more likely you are to either overdose or suffer an untimely death. Plus, you run the risk of experiencing severe physical and psychological issues. Therefore, getting professional help as quickly as possible can help you get the care that you deserve so you are not left with permanent consequences of your use.

Do not wait one second longer. Extended addiction treatment might just be the best option for treatment for you. The more time you spend in treatment, the stronger you will be in your recovery. So, do not let more time go by. Reach out and get the help you need in order to kick your addiction to the curb and live a healthy, happy life.

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