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Crank, Tweak, Crystal, Glass — all slang names for meth, which is a substance standing in the shadows of the opioid epidemic.

As all eyes are focused on the millions of people addicted to opioids like heroin and prescription painkillers, people from all over the country are cooking up crystal meth and distributing it to those addicted to this killer drug. Extremely popular in the Midwest and the South, crystal meth abuse has permeated into even the most unlikely of households.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reported that in 2014, approximately 3,400 people died from meth overdose, while 4,500 people died from the same cause in 2015, showing an increase of 30%. Today, these numbers continue to rise.

Someone who is abusing crystal meth will experience a number of different symptoms related to their use, such as extreme outbursts, unpredictable mood swings, paranoia, hallucinations, and changes in their physical appearance. The longer that the abuse of this substance lasts, the more likely an individual is to suffer from long-term (and possibly permanent) effects of their use.

Thankfully, when someone addicted to crystal meth wants to stop, there is help out there. Our crystal meth rehab in Los Angeles, also known to as the Crystal Clear™ Program, understands the growing need for safe, professional treatment programs geared towards managing the specific needs of crystal meth users who want to get sober.

The Crystal Clear™ @ Breathe Program treats crystal meth addiction on several levels. First, we address the drug itself and how it connects with the brain and body creating a cycle of craving and use. Impulse control, anxiety, and depression accompany the process of disconnecting from the drug and connecting with a community of care and connectedness.

Our Focus

We strive to provide a comprehensive treatment approach for each one of our clients. To do that, we engage in the following:

With the overarching goal in mind to meet each client on the level that they are at and bring them to a place of recovery, our crystal meth rehab in Los Angeles offers those ending their crystal meth addiction the opportunity to do so while feeling respected and dignified.

Detoxing from Crystal Meth Addiction

As previously mentioned, several uncomfortable and even excruciating withdrawal symptoms can develop when a client is detoxing from crystal meth. Unlike other substances of abuse like opioids, there are no medical interventions available (such as prescription medications) that can treat the symptoms of meth withdrawal. As a result, those detoxing from meth often require psychological support during this time.

The Crystal Clear™ Program in Los Angeles embraces each client in ways that can help them through this challenging time. For example, psychiatric professionals can work with clients to help them navigate through feelings of depression, panic, and suicidal ideations. After detox, our Los Angeles crystal meth rehab program works to stabilize each client both physically and mentally.

Therapy at our Crystal Meth Rehab in Los Angeles

The Crystal Clear™ Program places a strong emphasis on the implementation of different forms of therapy designed to help treat the most common challenges associated with crystal meth addiction. Because this substance is known to create more psychological effects than most other drugs, therapy serves as the foundation of one’s recovery.

Some of the most commonly utilized therapies for those ending their crystal meth addiction include a number of behavioral therapies, such as:

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Trauma-informed care

Breathe’s clinical program adeptly addresses physical, emotional and sexual health as key components to living Crystal Clear™. In group and one-on-one sessions, a client voices the elements of life forfeited to crystal meth use and moves into recovery with solid, ongoing individualized support. We address all of these specialized issues throughout our treatment program:

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) 

A CBT session takes a structured approach. The client will talk to the therapist about a determined problem and develop a goal related to it. Then, the therapist will help the client challenge the negative thoughts and emotions he or she has surrounding that problem in an effort to help him or her modify the negative behaviors.

Contingency Management (CM) 

Contingency management is an evidence-based treatment that can help clients reach their treatment goals. For example, a client and his or her therapist will work together to develop a treatment goal that he or she wants to achieve. When the client accomplishes that goal, he or she then receives a reward. This form of therapy can be utilized over and over again as a way to help clients continue moving through their recovery with motivation.

Family Therapy

Crystal meth addiction is not just something that impacts the user, rather it affects his or her family, too. Because of this, family therapy can serve as an effective way to help all individuals recognize the reasonings behind their loved one’s behaviors, figure out new ways to interact with one another and begin rebuilding relationships that can be supportive and loving.

Other therapies that Breathe’s crystal meth rehab in Los Angeles might include in a client’s individualized treatment program include individual therapy, group therapy, experiential therapy, motivational enhancement therapy, and dialectical behavior therapy.

Break Free from Addiction at Our Los Angeles Crystal Meth Rehab Center

Founder Brad Lamm broke free from crystal meth himself in the summer of 2002 (along with alcohol, nicotine, prescription drugs, and an eating disorder) and began his own journey of getting better. “Crystal was my constant companion for years, along with the other junk cluttering my life and mind,” Lamm remembers. “It’s from that place too that springs the compassion and care with which we treat and help our clients recover their dignity and life again.”

If you are addicted to crystal meth, you are only left with one road to go down – and it’s a dead end. Continuing to abuse crystal meth will only cause you to suffer from physical, mental, and emotional effects that can contribute to your negative feelings. Your meth abuse can destroy everything in your life, and even worse, cost you your life.

We understand how difficult it can be to make the decision to end your crystal meth addiction. We know the emotional pain you must be feeling and how your use of meth helps that pain go away. We know that the thought of detox can be completely overwhelming, as it is no secret that the withdrawal symptoms are highly painful.

But what we also know is that through the Crystal Clear™ Program in Los Angeles, you can get the treatment that will help you save your own life. You can begin again and establish a steady life of recovery and happiness.

Do not let one more second pass you by. With every minute that you continue to use, the closer you get to catastrophe. You deserve the care that will help you get back on your feet and lead a happy life.

Call us right now. Our crystal meth rehab in Los Angeles can help you.

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