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Levels of Care

Levels of Care

Our four levels of care are designed to equip clients with the tools and skills they need to maintain recovery beyond their time at Breathe.

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Residential Treatment

Primary Treatment offers comprehensive, outcome-based programming for clients struggling with primary addiction, eating disorders and dual-diagnosis. Offering breathtaking locations, powerful trauma-informed treatment and family programming, Breathe ignites change. Primary Treatment unfolds over ninety days as clients progress through our four levels of care. The clinical program is psychodrama rich and experiential in nature as we create impact beyond “talk therapy”.

Extended Care

Extended Care is crafted for those who have completed Primary Treatment or are coming back from a lapse in recovery. It provides a structured program that addresses all aspects of building a healthy lifestyle while treating each client’s mental health and/ or substance abuse issues in a supportive, residential setting. Featuring our full clinical program, including Family Class and Family workshop, Extended Care is a minimum sixty-day program.

Enhanced Sober Living

Enhanced Sober Living (ESL) bridges the gap between early recovery and the fast-paced life one leads. We integrate workshops that focus on talents, relationships of all kinds, money, body and more. Clients identify their innate talents, with the help of Strengths Finder 2.0, building on their talents and stepping into more life responsibility.

Outpatient Services

Breathe Outpatient services are offered to those who live near our clinics. Clients take part in three groups per week while having the flexibility of living at home or another recovery environment. Breathe Outpatient services are covered by most insurance and we work with all major insurance providers.

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