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Medical Alcohol and Drug Detox Los Angeles, CA

Medical Alcohol and Drug Detox can be need especially when someone has decided that he or she is going to get sober and stop his or her use for good. Medical Alcohol and Drug Detox is often the first step that he or she must take in order to accomplish those goals. Substance Use Detox is when an individual clears his or her body from all addictive substances, such as drugs and alcohol. While it might sound like a simple process, medical detox can be challenging for most, however, made much more manageable when done in the care of professionals.

Continuing to abuse one or more addictive substances is extremely dangerous to one’s physical and psychological health. The more that he or she uses, the more likely that he or she will be to have to increase the amount that is being consumed in order to achieve the desired effects. When this occurs, overdose becomes more probable, which can cause severe damage to one’s wellbeing, as well as death. The best way to prevent these effects is to participate in a Medical Alcohol and Drug Detox so use can be stopped and managed by a professional team.

Medical Substance Use Detox

The majority of individuals who cross over the threshold of a treatment center are experiencing some level of dependence to the substance or substances use that they have been abusing. For some, they might be psychologically dependent on a substance, meaning that they truly feel as though they need the substance in order to function. Others experience a physical dependence, where their bodies are so adjusted to the presence of the substance that they essentially go haywire when the individuals stop using. Painful withdrawal symptoms can develop, and when they continue to persist, individuals can become so overwhelmed that they go back to using to make the pain stop. When this is the case, individuals will likely require a Medical Substance Use Detox so they can stop their use for good, rather than falling into a dangerous cycle of using and stopping and increases their chances of suffering an overdose.

Withdrawal Symptoms During Medical Alcohol and Drug Detox

As mentioned before, withdrawal symptoms can be very painful. They can range, however, from being slightly uncomfortable to completely crippling depending on the relationship the user has with the substance or substances. For example, someone who has abused heroin for a decade and decides to get clean is likely going to experience withdrawal symptoms that are intense and prolonged. Medical Alcohol and Drug Detox can minimize these symptoms. An individual who has abused cocaine for a year or two is unlikely to experience such strong withdrawal symptoms. And while each substance comes with its own set of withdrawal symptoms, the most common symptoms that span all types of addiction include the following:

The length of time that one’s withdrawal symptoms will last will be dependent on how long he or she used, how much he or she used, and how often he or she used. For some, detoxing from an addictive substance takes a few days to a week, while for others, withdrawal symptoms can last from months to years.

Why Choose a Medical Detox

Entering into a Los Angeles alcohol and drug detox center can be overwhelming, especially for those who are unaware of what to expect. However, when in the care of detox professionals, individuals can rest assured that they will be well cared for.

The entire goal of a medical detox is to ensure the physical and psychological stability of clients. Some of the ways that this is done include the following:

Medication During the Addiction Detox Process

Withdrawal symptoms associated with many different substances can be treated through prescription medication and/or over-the-counter medication. For example, someone who going through addiction detox from meth can benefit from being provided with over-the-counter painkillers and anti-nausea medications, as well as natural supplements to help induce sleep. Others in addiction detox, however, benefit more from the utilization of prescription medications, specifically those detoxing from opioids.

Buprenorphine, methadone and naltrexone are the most common prescription medications used to help treat withdrawal symptoms and cravings associated with opioid addiction. These medications, which are opioid-based themselves, bind to the same receptors in the brain that opioids like heroin and fentanyl do but without producing the same high. As a result, withdrawal symptoms become less intense and cravings are minimized, allowing individuals to focus on their recovery rather than being distracted by their symptoms or the overpowering desire to use.

Antidepressants and anti-anxiety medications are also prescription drugs that are commonly used in medical addition detox, specifically because of how much they can benefit those who are coming off of drugs and/or alcohol. The introduction of these medications can help individuals who are experiencing co-occurring conditions get the care they need in order to keep moving forward in their recovery process.

Psychiatric Care

The majority of one’s psychiatric and therapeutic care will be provided through the treatment process following medical detox, however, there is an element of this type of care within the detox setting.

As previously discussed, those detoxing from one or more addictive substances can experience mood swings, anxiety, and depression, to name a few. These withdrawal symptoms can be more painful than the physical symptoms one might experience, which is why having a psychiatric presence at a medical detox center is so important. Professionals in this field can work with clients to find out more about what they are experiencing psychologically, as well as work with them to develop coping skills that they can utilize on their own. These individuals can also help provide suggestions as to what type of prescription medications might be best for the client.

Medical detox focuses on providing a strong combination of both medicine and psychiatric care so that all clients can begin to recover safely and effectively.

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