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Millions of people in the United States are currently addicted to drugs – drugs such as heroin, cocaine, prescription painkillers, meth, stimulants, hallucinogens, etc. The country is also now firmly in the grips of an opioid crisis, with hundreds of people dying each day due to overdoses caused by heroin, fentanyl, and prescription opioids. The disease of addiction is one that can completely transform a person into someone that both they and their loved ones no longer recognize. And, without professional treatment, this disease is deadly.

Someone who is addicted to one or more drugs is going to experience a significant change in his or her physical wellbeing. Most drugs cause individuals to suffer from sleep problems, changes in appetite and decreased hygiene. They can also cause a number of psychological complications, including unpredictable mood swings, poor memory, suicidal thoughts and/or tendencies, and even the development of mental health conditions like depression and anxiety. The longer that someone continues to abuse drugs, the more serious these effects can become. Additionally, other more severe consequences can develop, which can potentially threaten their lives.

The best and most effective way to treat drug addiction is to seek professional help. Drug detox can serve as one’s first step on the road to recovery.

Drug Dependence and Withdrawal

Whenever someone abuses an addictive substance, he or she runs the risk of developing a tolerance to it. This means that the more an individual uses a drug, the more that his or her body needs in order to produce the desired effects. For instance, if an individual starts off abusing 10 Xanax pills a day, eventually he or she will need to start taking more to achieve the high he or she craves. So, those 10 pills then become 12, which turn into 15, and so on. As an individual continues to increase how much he or she is using, he or she becomes vulnerable to overdosing, as the body can only handle so much of an addictive substance. Additionally, the body can grow dependent on the drug of abuse, meaning that if the individual attempts to stop using, he or she will undoubtedly experience withdrawal symptoms that can range from being slightly uncomfortable to highly distressing.

The type of withdrawal symptoms that one will experience will be specific to the kind of drug he or she is addicted to. However, in most cases, all drugs can produce the following withdrawal symptoms:

It usually takes anywhere from a few days to two weeks for strong withdrawal symptoms to subside, regardless of what kind of drug an individual is abusing. The more complex one’s addiction is, meaning if he or she is abusing more than one substance, the longer that his or her period of withdrawal can continue for.

In some instances, individuals can develop post-acute withdrawal syndrome, also known as PAWS. PAWS occurs when withdrawal symptoms last much longer than normal. Many individuals experience prolonged periods of anxiety, depression, and other forms of psychological distress when grappling with PAWS. If someone receives a PAWS diagnosis, it is imperative that he or she continues to seek professional care through a drug detox that can help guide them through this part of their recovery so that they can continue to fully heal.

Why Choose a Drug Detox Center?

Drug detox can help individuals addicted to any type of drug safely detox. Detox simply refers to the process of clearing one’s system of any and all addictive, toxic substances. Many drug users would agree that going through detox can be the most difficult part of recovery, especially if it is independently attempted. It is extremely common for individuals to try to detox on their own, however, it is often unsuccessful, which leads to individuals feeling demoralized and embarrassed, which can fuel a continual addiction to drugs. However, when in the care of a drug detox, individuals can detox alongside professionals who can help them through what would otherwise be considered a highly painful experience.

One of the greatest draws to drug detox is that medical professionals are on staff to help provide services to clients. For example, those addicted to opioids, benzodiazepines, meth, and alcohol can receive medication-assisted treatment, which is a form of care that utilizes other prescription medications to help them safely wean off of these drugs. These medications can help reduce the intensity of withdrawal symptoms as well as diminish the presence of cravings, allowing clients to focus on healing rather than the symptoms that are paining them. Medical professionals at a drug detox center can also provide over-the-counter medications that help ease symptoms such as gastrointestinal pain, nausea, vomiting, and headaches.

Drug detox also has psychiatric professionals working with clients. Because detoxing from drugs often causes psychological side effects, such as panic, depression, suicidal tendencies, and anxiety, it is important that clients have support from those who can best help them. A psychiatrist or other mental health professional can help determine if an individual needs medication on a temporary basis to help with these symptoms, or if he or she is struggling with a diagnosable condition that requires further care. These professionals can also offer a number of different coping skills that can help clients make their way through detox and into continued care.

A drug detox center works to provide clients with a complete course of care that helps them to not only detox safely but to also strive to continue to restore themselves.

Break Free from Dependence At a Drug Detox

If you are addicted to drugs, there is no other option than to seek treatment. This disease is deadly if not properly cared for. With the right skills, you can learn how to manage your drug addiction in ways that allow you to live a happy, healthy life.

Do not wait any longer. Reach out to us to learn about your drug detox options and get the help that you deserve.

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