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Addiction Treatment Program Los Angeles, CA

Breathe Life Healing Center’s addiction treatment services in Los Angeles, CA  are industry-leading and aimed to support mind, body, and spirit. At Breathe addiction treatment program Los Angeles focuses on chemical dependency, and dual diagnosis. Our complex program heals trauma issues and our eating disorder program focuses resolving the relationship with food + weight and body image. Each Life Healing Program is thoughtfully designed to offer a personalized, therapeutic approach to rehabilitation, specific to the needs of each individual client.

Treating addiction, eating disorders, and trauma requires a multi-faceted, comprehensive approach that addresses one’s mind, body, and spirit. Someone who is struggling with addiction, eating disorders, and/or the effects of trauma is likely to have experienced a variety of different mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual consequences that have deeply impacted who they used to be (and even who they want to be in the future).

And while the pain caused by these conditions and their underlying causes might seem too overwhelming to try and sort out, getting appropriate treatment is the only way to help take the burden of these conditions off of individuals backs once and for all.

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Our Los Angeles addiction treatment, trauma, eating disorder and mental health program focuses on solidifying clients’ recovery, helping them find their center, encouraging them to engage in their feelings, and developing positive life skills. The type of treatment that is provided to clients depends on the condition that they are recovering from, meaning that someone who is recovering from addiction will have a different track than someone who is recovering from an eating disorder and vice versa.

What We Treat

Those who participate in our Los Angeles addiction treatment program are those who have lost their way due to the addictions, traumas, or eating disorders that have caused them to veer off course. The kind of treatment we provide is discussed below.

Addiction Treatment Program Los Angeles CA

Addiction treatment encompasses a complete approach to care, as the individuals who come to us for care are often deeply depleted of emotional, mental, and physical wealth.

When an addiction to one or more addictive substances is occurring, individuals can quickly begin to ignore their responsibilities, start having trouble at work, experience physical ailments more frequently, and get into family conflicts more often.

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The longer that an addiction lasts, the greater the consequences can be. For some, addiction has caused them the ultimate consequence of losing their lives, however, by participating in addiction treatment individuals can prevent that from happening to them.

The types of addictions we treat at our facility include the following:

While each type of substance abuse has its own individual challenges, those who are in the process of recovering from substance abuse tend to benefit from a specific course of care, including a combination of medications and therapeutic services such as group therapy, family therapy, and behavioral therapy.

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Eating Disorders

Eating disorders are severe conditions that can impact one’s physical and psychological well-being in dangerous ways.

Our Los Angeles eating disorder treatment in offers professional services for the following conditions:

Eating disorder treatment focuses on the specific aspects of each one of these eating disorders in an effort to provide the most centralized care to every client. The keys utilized in eating disorder treatment program Los Angeles, CA include ensuring that all clients receive medical and nutritional stabilization, trauma-informed clinical care, and evidence-based practices throughout the duration of their stay.

Other key elements provided throughout the program include the following:

  • Spiritual development
  • Psychodrama
  • Experiential modalities
  • Culinary interventions
  • Enhanced breath work

Our program for eating disorders is also met with a number of different signature services at our addiction treatment center Los Angeles, including the following:

Trauma and Co-Occurring Disorders

Trauma is one of the main causes behind addiction and eating disorders, as these events can cause individuals to look for ways to cope with what they have experienced.

As a result, our dual diagnosis and addiction treatment in Los Angeles provides a number of different therapeutic services designed to help address the trauma that one has experienced so that he or she can cope with it in a meaningful, positive way.

Evidence-based treatments have proven to be some of the leading treatments for trauma. Our Addiction treatment program in Los Angeles will provide this to those healing from trauma. Some of the most common causes of the trauma treated include:

Trauma is by far one of the most common mental health conditions that often becomes a co-occurring disorder. This is because individuals who have trauma are more likely to engage in substance abuse or utilize food in a way that helps them feel as though they are in control.

When co-occurring disorders are present, treatment treats both conditions at the same time to produce the most beneficial outcome for the client.

Recover Now Through our Eating Disorder, Trauma and Addiction Treatment

Living with a substance use disorder, eating disorder, or co-occurring disorder can be a difficult and painful experience. However, with the right addiction treatment program, recovery is possible. Breathe Life Healing Centers in Los Angeles offers evidence-based treatments to help individuals begin healing and developing a strong stance in their recovery journey.

Whether you are struggling with addiction, an eating disorder like bulimia or anorexia, or a co-occurring disorder, it is never too late to seek help. Our addiction treatment center Los Angeles, CA can provide you with the appropriate treatments to address your specific needs and help you overcome your condition.

Don’t let your addiction or other issues control your life any longer. Take the first step towards recovery by reaching out for help today. Contact Breathe Life Healing Centers in Los Angeles and start your journey towards a healthier, happier life.

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