The New Paradigm in Trauma-Informed Treatment

Breathe offers 21st Century solutions to treat Drug + Alcohol Addiction,
Eating Disorders and Co-Occurring issues, utilizing powerful trauma
informed collaborations with our world-class treatment teams and 12-Step
participation to help clients get better.

Breathe provides industry-leading, evidence-based, clinical
services including individual and group therapy, dynamic experientials,
life skills development and Family Class for each of our programs.

With superior accommodations and a deep dedication to clients’ spiritual
development at each Life Healing Center location, Breathe helps families
recover across the nation.

What Makes Breathe Unique?

We are more than a drug and alcohol rehab center, we are a LIFE HEALING CENTER. We utilize innovative, proven approaches to incorporate the newest treatment techniques, which make a notable difference in the lives of our client’s and their families. We regularly evaluate our program’s effectiveness to ensure the best possible treatments are always used.

We provide the medical expertise together with an innovative approach to treatment that’s focused on you, not just your disease. Within the comfortable, relaxed environment of our Life Healing Centers, we give you the chance to step outside the problem and help you rediscover and rebuild your life, on your terms. 

We believe in what we do; all of our team members are deeply passionate and committed to always providing the highest quality of care.