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Breathe is the healing destination for getting better, since 2013. Our approach to addiction is client-centered, providing evidence-based clinical care in a supportive environment for transformation and change. 

Breathe is an LGBT-certified organization. That means Breathe is not just working to care for queer clients as a marketing decision but goes to the heart of who we are. Born out of our own collective experiences in activism and recovery over decades, we welcome you to have a powerful experience with us. 

Breathe is a welcoming, safe home for those seeking safety in an environment prioritizing dignity over profit. Breathe’s client population is primarily LGBTQIA+, straight women and men. We like to say that we are “straight friendly”. We welcome those who believe in the inherent dignity and equality of all human beings.

Our caring team and supportive community of alumni, numbering more than 4,000, are active locally and across the nation, where many alumni return after treatment. Utilizing 21st-century, effective trauma-informed action-method therapies we help clients recover from self-harming behaviors. This includes addiction, mental health suffering, and high-risk events to rebuild their lives.

Breathe’s services on our gorgeous Laurel Canyon Campus and at the Melrose Avenue Clinic include individual and group therapy, peer-to-peer support groups, and treating complex trauma and mental health needs. Clinical approaches include Internal Family Systems (IFS), Sensorimotor psychotherapy, Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT), Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), and Family Class for family and concerned others.

Your Path to Recovery Starts Here

Located in Los Angeles, our addiction recovery programs are helping America to heal.

Finding the Right Rehab Center Near You

Breathe Life Healing Centers offer leading addiction treatment services that support the mind, body, and spirit.

Types of Addiction Treatment Programs Offered

We use a unique approach to treat a wide range of addictions, psychological issues, and trauma.

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Our alcohol rehab program makes it a point to provide every client looking to end their alcohol abuse with the resources that will help them do so. Upon entering into alcohol addiction treatment, some clients might need to detox, while others might be able to move right into the therapeutic portion of treatment. 

This is usually determined based on how long the person has used for, how much they have been using it, and the quantity of their use. Many alcoholics require professional detox in order to withdraw from alcohol safely.

We offer IMS Detox Services at our Breathe Life Healing Center OC, located in neighboring Orange County. For more information, visit

We provide a safe and supportive environment for those who are seeking relief and stabilization from co-occurring mental health and substance use disorders. At Breathe Life Healing Centers, we understand the complexities of dual diagnosis and offer personalized treatment plans that address both conditions at the same time.

Our therapy sessions and treatment plans are tailored to the individual. We understand that everyone is different and has varying needs in therapy sessions. Using a personalized approach, we support you by customizing therapy plans to suit your unique needs.

Why Choose Breathe Life Healing Centers

We are more than a drug and alcohol rehab center in Los Angeles; we are a life-healing center.

We are more than a drug and alcohol rehab center in Los Angeles; we are a life-healing center.

Breathe integrates sub-acute trauma treatment, using innovative and proven approaches to help clients get better. By incorporating the newest treatment techniques, we make a notable difference in the lives of our clients and their families. We regularly evaluate our program’s effectiveness to ensure the best possible treatments are always used.

Meet Our Experienced and Caring Staff

At Breathe Life Healing Centers, our professional team members are empowered to make their fullest contributions to our addiction treatment programs and find joy and satisfaction in their work.

Self-Assessment Forms

We offer self-assessment forms to help guide you in your decision to get sober. Find them here.

Meet Our Founder, Brad Lamm

Brad is an author, teacher and interventionist best known for helping people make life-enhancing change in their lives.

Brad began his own recovery journey in 2003 from drugs, bulimia, nicotine + alcohol. What seemed an impossible challenge proved how even the most challenging cases might not just recover, but thrive from a starting point of hopelessness and brokenness.

In 2012, Brad realized a dream come true as he opened the first Breathe Life Healing Center to provide treatment techniques that are industry-leading and aimed to support mind, body, and spirit.

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Explore Our Facilities

Breathe is a top-choice recovery center in Los Angeles. We offer high-quality surroundings and top-notch clinical treatment for those seeking exceptional luxury during recovery.

Breathe’s residential homes have breathtaking views in the peaceful, secluded heart of Laurel Canyon. Our 22-acre center includes three modern luxury homes and lots of outdoor space with stunning views and natural wildlife. Outdoor features include a spacious community dining room, amphitheater, pool, and biodynamic gardens.

Testimonials From Our Clients

Jeny Johnson
Jeny Johnson
Amazing facility. The clinician team is so fantastic, truly caring and compassionate.
Iron Body 26
Iron Body 26
Is it true that Laura Mackenzie Phillips works here as a Rehab Counselor??
Chris Hollingsworth
Chris Hollingsworth
I'm so grateful for the team at Breathe. I've been sober along time and I work with people as they are first getting sober. There are many different ways to get sober, some manage to find it on their own. And others, need more help. My friend was one of the men that needed more help. He had tried and tried to get sober off Meth and it just wouldn't take. Eventually we decided that he needed additional help. Picking a rehab is hard, fortunately I've known other people that have come to Breathe and they found the help that they needed, so we picked Breathe. I am so grateful that we did. It wasn't a linear process and anyone that thinks recovery is a straight shot is mistaken. But my friend is now coming up on a year sober, has rebuilt his life with his family, his friends and career.

Aftercare Programs and Support Groups

BreatheOUT™ hosts weekly virtual support groups that alumni are encouraged to attend and participate in. At the support group meetings, alumni share their successes and setbacks, coping skills and strategies, and even their personal recovery-related to-do lists.

Podcasts to Listen to

Educational Materials and Articles on Addiction Recovery

Find more resources about drugs, alcohol, and eating disorder treatment here: 

Getting Started on Your Journey to Recovery

We blend our medical knowledge with a fresh perspective on treatment that revolves around you as a person, not just your condition. All members of our mind, body, and soul treatment team are deeply passionate and dedicated to providing the highest quality of care at all times.

Within the serene environment of our Los Angeles Life Healing Centers, we offer you the opportunity to step away from your struggles and assist you in rediscovering and reconstructing your life, on your own terms.

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