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Comprehensive Assessment & Recovery Experience (CARE) Unit

Change Inc is an internationally recognized expert host of services for adults seeking collaborative & comprehensive consultation, assessment, and treatment in an 18-day program that offers 24/7 awake staff provides care, safety, stability and clinical guidance.

Upon admission, we step through CARE Unit’s eleven core processes:

Our discharge planning includes a thorough assessment report with comprehensive follow up services aligned to each client’s diagnosed needs. Many will step into our Breakfree Journey program, or enter into a residential treatment program, while some clients move on to other programs including outpatient, transitional living, or family-centered living arrangements.

In addition to a thorough evaluation and clinical assessment, CARE Unit delivers appropriate individualized one-on-one and group interaction with a dedicated treatment team. We offer education, hands-on nutrition, medication/s management, and other emotional support practices.

With the nation’s premier trauma-informed and client-centered clinical services, CARE Unit offers a treatment-team approach to refine and define an accurate emotional health baseline. Then we craft, in collaboration with each client, a clear path to improving quality of life.

Our goal is to quickly reduce our client’s suffering in the process of clarifying previous diagnosis and treatment approaches.

We offer useful, effective clinical planning that is carefully designed to provide sophisticated diagnostic feedback with a priority on evidence-based solutions in a responsive, private and discrete environment.

CARE Unit is ideal for individuals who are seeking an individualized multidisciplinary approach to treatment for accurate diagnosis and treatment planning, who also may have a demonstrated history of:

People arrive to CARE Unit seeking accurate assessment and personalized care. CARE Unit is a self-pay adult program that has helps hundreds annually reduce their own suffering and improve their quality of life through increased understanding of need and self-care. CARE Unit is comprised of expert emotional and medical assessors, allowing for clear and collaborative diagnosis and treatment of complex symptom sets.

CARE Unit Core Team

CARE Unit utilizes specialty, consultant services with superior partners including Cedars-Sinai.

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