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5-Day Family Workshop

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Our signature program is led by founding Clinical Director Kathleen Murphy, MA, LPC. Kathleen possesses a world of knowledge and a depth of experience, known for being a conversationalist who generates interpersonal dialogues that contribute to the meaningful treatment of relational and developmental trauma. Kathleen’s career is founded on 30 years of experience working with people with substance abuse issues complicated by relational trauma.

Her path was paved by earning her BA in Sociology and Philosophy at the University of Texas, Austin followed by her MA in Counseling at St. Edward’s University.

Why Participate in Family Therapy?

When asked to think of the “perfect family”, most people draw to mind the image of two happily married adults with wonderful children living in a nice home somewhere in the suburbs – basically the all-American family with 2.5 children, a dog, and a white picket fence.

In reality, however, families do not usually look that way or operate without any complications or challenges.

With more than 325 million people living in the United States alone, families undoubtedly come in all shapes and sizes. That also means that they come with their own sets of values, expectations, and behaviors that impact everyone within the family unit. The families of those who have suffered from and struggled with addiction, eating disorders, and co-occurring conditions are usually not the mirror image of the nuclear family. Instead, they have often experienced several ups and downs before their loved ones have even crossed over the threshold of a treatment center.

A substance use disorder, eating disorder, and/or co-occurring mental illness can impact a family unit to the extent that while the afflicted individual is receiving treatment for his or her condition(s), members of his or her family should also be obtaining treatment that can help them identify, manage, cope, and move forward from the impacts of these types of conditions.

The 5-Day Family Workshop in Los Angeles

When one member of the family is not doing well, the rest of the family can follow in what can only be explained as a domino effect. This is because families are the most basic but intricate systems that lay the groundwork for someone’s life. So, when a member of the family has a condition like an eating disorder or a substance use disorder, it is impossible to expect the rest of the family to function like a well-oiled machine.

Knowing how much of an impact a family member’s condition can have on the rest of the family, the 5-Day Family Workshop in Los Angeles works to help the family get back on their feet while their loved one does the same. The way in which this is done is to uncover the behaviors that have contributed to and developed in response to the loved one’s condition, as well as the conditions of others in the family unit. Family members work to let go of blame, shame, and guilt in an effort to obtain a clearer vantage point on the situation at hand and alleviate some of the pressure that they are likely feeling. Working side-by-side with other family members, individuals attending the 5-Day Family Workshop in Los Angeles can begin to make major changes that will help the family unit function in a positive way.

During the 5-Day Family Workshop, families will spend the entire week at the facility where they will partake in the work discussed above, as well as learn more about substance use disorders, eating disorders, and co-occurring conditions in a way that helps them understand that these are illnesses and diseases that can cause extreme harm when untreated, but can also be managed effectively with the right care. The entire week is focused on promoting self-care, healthy connections, and togetherness, as well as finding ways to grow and heal amongst one another.

All families of those who are obtaining treatment are encouraged to participate in the 5-Day Family Workshop, as doing so can help reset the family unit in ways that promote positivity.

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Are you struggling with the effects of a loved one’s disorder or disease? Getting involved in the 5-Day Family Workshop in Los Angeles can help you and your family members begin moving past the trauma and upset you have experienced.

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