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Ecstasy Molly Addiction Treatment

At Breathe Life Healing Centers, we understand that addiction comes in many forms. Recreational drugs like ecstasy and Molly are popular because they are inexpensive, accessible and trendy; many young adults don’t realize the dangers associated with this seemingly benign club drug. When it becomes a need and is the focal point of a night or even your entire day, it is time to take back control and seek ecstasy addiction treatment.

The first step to recover from an ecstasy or Molly addiction is creating a sense of self-awareness while developing the necessary skills to cope with stress and emotional situations without the use of drugs. In our ecstasy addiction treatment, we help you through the initial distress of letting go of the drug, especially in the first two weeks where your body needs to replenish the serotonin reserves that have been used up by the drug use; from there, we begin to rebuild.

Our Life Healing Centers provide an environment away from drugs, allowing you to heal and find your natural balance. From this place, we are then able to help you move forward, and recreate an environment in your life where you are not in need of a drug just to have a good time. It’s important to know you’re not missing out – everything in your life should be a choice – your choice. Our team will work with you to overcome your Molly/ecstasy addiction and help you create a life that doesn’t need chemical stimulations to be fulfilled. Working together we can help free you from the constant need of addiction, and allow you to live your life naturally, to its very fullest.

How Breathe's Ecstasy Addiction Treatment Can Help

Ecstasy/Molly is a synthetic stimulant that produces heightened energy, amongst other effects such as hallucinations, euphoria, enhanced smell, sound, taste, and touch. The Ecstasy and Molly are the exact same drug, however, ecstasy comes in pill form, while Molly is a powder. Regardless of how it is consumed, these effects are very strong, and the continued abuse of ecstasy/Molly can lead to addiction.

Quite possibly one of the most troubling aspects of ecstasy/Molly addiction is that there is no way to tell what is in this substance prior to taking it. It is extremely common for ecstasy/Molly dealers to cut their stash with other drugs ranging from cocaine to rat poison. In fact, some ecstasy/Molly pills or powders do not even contain MDMA, which is the main component of this drug. Rather, they contain a substance known as PMA, which causes the effects that MDMA produces, but causes them to be prolonged. This means that instead of an individual coming down from an ecstasy/Molly high shortly after use, those who consume ecstasy/Molly that contains PMA can experience a crash for a few days.

Unfortunately, many people think that abusing ecstasy/Molly is not that serious of a problem. Abusing this specific kind of stimulant can be deadly, as it is addictive and can cause dependency, contrary to popular belief. The best way to manage this type of addiction is through professional ecstasy addiction treatment.

Why is Ecstasy Treatment Necessary?

Whenever an individual is addicted to a substance that can harm them physically, mentally, and emotional, it is imperative that he or she gets the appropriate treatment. When it comes to ecstasy/Molly users, there are often a number of components that play a role in their addiction, making treatment necessary. Consider the following:

A large amount of ecstasy/Molly users participate in polydrug use, meaning that they also abuse other substances at the same time as they abuse ecstasy/Molly. More often than not, specifically because it is found in nightclubs, ecstasy is combined with alcohol, which is a depressant. The combination of these two medications can lead to increased unpredictable behaviors that can threaten the user’s wellbeing. Getting ecstasy treatment can help individuals stop using all of the substances they are consuming in an effective, safe manner. Attempting to stop on one’s own can be very dangerous.

Like many other drugs, ecstasy/Molly can cause the brain to suffer damage that can continue long after an individual has stopped using. This is because when ecstasy/Molly is being abused, neurotransmitters in the brain (specifically norepinephrine, dopamine, and serotonin) are released at much higher levels than normal. The longer that ecstasy/Molly is used for, the more accustomed the brain will become to letting this substance release these neurotransmitters, which make the user feel rewarded and happy. As a result, when an individual stops using, he or she can struggle to experience pleasure and reward on his or her own, as the neurotransmitter function has been damaged.

Treatment for Ecstasy Addiction

When an individual is ready to obtain professional treatment to end his or her addiction, ecstasy addiction treatment can be beneficial.

Prior to participating in any therapeutic care, individuals with an addiction to ecstasy/Molly may require time spent in detox. Detox is simply the process of clearing the body of all traces of an addictive substance. Depending on the severity of the use, some individuals might begin a detox program, while others are able to move right into therapy. This is because the symptoms of ecstasy withdrawal are typically more psychological than physical, and are not as intense as the withdrawal symptoms that other drugs produce.

Breathe’s ecstasy addiction treatment provides several different evidence-based treatments capable of helping each individual identify, cope, and manage the mental and emotional impacts that their drug use has caused. Some of the most commonly participated therapies include individual, group, and family therapy, as well as behavioral therapies and trauma treatments.

When an individual has completed his or her treatment program, he or she can either transition back into everyday life with an aftercare plan that supports his or her recovery, or he or she can continue his or her care through an extended care program or at a sober house.

Get Help Today Through Our Ecstasy Addiction Treatment Program

If you are addicted to ecstasy or Molly, you do not need to keep using. No matter how trapped you feel, regardless of what challenges you think might be ahead, reach out for help. Let go of your fears and give ecstasy addiction treatment a shot.

You deserve to live a life that is happy and healthy, rather than one that has you arguing with your loved ones, feeling physically and mentally drained, and isolated from others. You have the power to change your life for the better.

Do not wait any longer. Reach out for help today. Our Ecstasy/Molly addiction treatment can help you.

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