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BreakFree Journey

breakfree journey

A Transformative 'Rehab Without Walls'

How It Began

Brad Lamm returned from a personal sojourn through Peru’s Sacred Valley with a lot on his mind – namely the personal transformation that had occurred in his life. With a lightweight backpack, he ventured into and through some of the richest spiritual spots on Earth; from the Sacred Valley to Peru’s Amazon jungle. He dug deep into trauma healing, personal recovery, and expanded his definition of recovery to make incredible breakthroughs happen.

“When I got home from Peru we were working with a fellow who was digging in and saying NO to the idea of sober living,” says Brad. “No, I’ll do anything but that,” our clever client said. “How about a BreakFree Journey?” we asked. “I had just returned from my own journey where I experienced an incredible deepening of my own recovery, so I thought this would be useful for him, too.” It turned out to be the magic combination of adventure, study, service, and practiced sobriety that this fellow needed, and so many who have graduated since.

How it Works?

A Breakfree Journey teaches us how to make change stick, to move through stages and phases in a systematic and thoughtful way, and to grow. Together we ask and answer the question: HOW GOOD CAN I GET? What is required of me to get there?

Our treatment plan is a holistic one, incorporating an integrative mind – body – spirit approach. We combine fresh air, adventure, deep soul-searching and spirit-infused work. Daily journaling, service to others, and active living – a moving meditation of sorts.

Your Breakfree Journey is highly intensive and structured as a concierge service with aspects of deep healing, growth and change.

Lasting Change

The BreakFree Journey offers support for the whole family. It identifies and answers questions as they occur in new, robust and healthful ways. For healing. For purpose. For crafting change. The BreakFree Journey is different than any other program we offer, and one where transformation is the greatest adventure.

A Breakfree Journey is a series of tasks we have found that help our clients uncover and process how self-harming behaviors can change. The tasks, scheduled six-days each week, take you into study, service, challenges, and events from your past to add insight and evoke answers. This Breakfree Journey provides 24/7 companion coverage to engage, contain, process and work through the paces that fuel personal transformation.

We integrate yoga, Ayurvedic principles, deep breathing and relaxation techniques, combined with active experiential opportunities to immerse change into every moment of the journey. A natural momentum begins when new choices are made, when confidence begins to build and old habits are released to evolve into a new way of living: a healthier, stronger you.

It's Never Too Late to Start​

Your Breakfree Journey is also our deepest spiritual program; we dive right in to uncover and discover the influence that a higher power can have on our lives. We let you determine who or what your beliefs are and together we explore options. Sometimes it is enough to just be willing to be willing to accept that there is a higher power at work in your world. That’s a good place to start.

Your Breakfree Journey is an alcohol & drug-free effort that, each day, stimulates your sense of responsibility and connection to the people you love, the life you desire to live, and the places that make up your day including food, feelings, routines and habits.

Our primary location for Breakfree Journeys is the Shadow Hills Ranch, located in Shadow Hills CA just north of our campus. Living on a working farm, participating in equine therapy, volunteering with the animals and a therapeutic riding program are just a few things you’ll experience on the ranch. There is a deepening sense of purpose and responsibility when we are caring for animals and other people.

Once engaged in this service, a transformation of epic proportions can begin. Please call for more details of how to break free today: 800-929-5904

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