Brad Lamm, CIP

Brad is an author, teacher and interventionist best known for helping people make life-enhancing change on The Dr. Phil Show, The Doctors, TODAY, and The Dr. OZ Show. Brad’s mission is to help families have “more good – less bad” in their lives.

Brad began his own recovery journey in 2003 from drugs, bulimia, nicotine + alcohol. What seemed an impossible challenge proved how even the most challenging cases might not just recover, but thrive from a starting point of hopelessness and brokenness.

He has managed more than one-thousand interventions, visited hundreds of treatment facilities across the country, presented before Parliament in the UK, served on the board of the Association of Intervention Specialists, and collaborated with the most knowledgeable and effective specialists in the field of recovery treatment and worked at the state level to introduce treatment options to communities.

In 2012, Brad realized a dream come true as he opened the first Breathe Life Healing Center to provide powerful residential, insurance-driven trauma treatment in urban environments utilizing 21st Century solutions; powerful collaborations, outstanding clinical and 12 Step participation. Breathe’s treatment techniques are industry-leading and aimed to support mind, body, and spirit.

“With powerful educational and spiritual development programming in place, we’ve created in Breathe the first-of-its kind program in the nation.”

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