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by Brad Lamm, CIP | I get it – we tend toward more, for less.  When it comes to consuming alcohol, it’s been played with since the first caveman sought to increase the kick in the punch. In colleges since the invention of funnels, the beer bong made getting more booze in the body in less time an efficient way to get wasted.

2012 inhaling alcohol for a quicker buzz is on the radar. It’s dangerous though, and should be discouraged. Here’s why it’s taking off in some circles: Alcohol has calories that the smoking booze myth tells aren’t present when inhaled.

Calories in, booze belly out.

I’ve written for years on the obesity epidemic, and as an alcoholic in recovery from alcohol and an eating disorder, this story makes my head spin! The promise of something for nothing is the dream of every person prone to the quick fix.

Vaping or smoking booze is a bummer and here’s why: Inhaling alcohol gets it to your blood system faster and has a faster effect, more similar to a drug high.  Studies show that you can consume an ounce of alcohol in as fast as 20 minutes. Such drastic levels of alcohol intake makes it very hard for consumers to handle themselves socially.

Inhaling alcohol in a booze vapor reaches a dangerous drunken state faster than expected, or even realized. Studies show that such an intense intake makes it very hard to accurately measure your state of sobriety. Such lack of self knowledge can only worsen the risk of drunk driving and other things one does in an impaired state.

When drinking alcohol, the body picks up signals from the stomach and liver that say: TOO MUCH! STOP FOR A MINUTE!! HOLD UP, I’M GOING TO PUKE SOME OF THIS OUT!!!

Inhaling alcohol skips this beautiful body step completely through bypassing the stomach. As disgusting as the thought of vomiting seems, it is the body’s beautiful defense from alcohol poisoning.

As a recovering addict 11 years removed from alcohol and crystal meth dependence and a devoted helper to others who suffer from this disease, I know firsthand how dangerous alcohol can be. For those for whom it’s not a problem, it remains NO BIG DEAL. But for folks prone to problems from alcohol, smoking booze offers a crummy sidestep to sanity.

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