Reckless Doctor Faces Justice

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Brad Lamm, CIPprescription drugs | New York City has faced the battle on drug addiction head on. Governor Andrew Cuomo is looking to make major headway in the fight of this devastating disease. The governor pledged earlier that he would focus on stopping doctors from recklessly prescribing narcotics to patients prone to addiction. Last week New York City backed its Governor with an iron fist.

The New York Times reported on the trial of Dr. Stan Xuhui Li, the anesthesiologist who ran a pain management clinic in Queens. He was convicted of second-degree manslaughter for the fatal overdoses of two patients under his care. This charge was accompanied by several lesser charges. The jury found him guilty and responsible for the overdoses. An impressive stance of accountability displayed by the New York City legal system.

Some of the other charges listed in the article were “reckless endangerment, criminal sale of a prescription for a controlled substance and falsifying records.” What makes this case a rarity for New York is that the city normally charges doctors with “criminal sale of a prescription for a controlled substance” in similar circumstances. Dr. Li was instead convicted of manslaughter; a charge far more serious.

Such an action supports the notion that New York is becoming more and more fed up with doctor’s reckless over-prescribing of medical narcotics. This is a great victory for countless families who’ve suffered heartache and pain, future might-be addicts, and those who work tirelessly in the addiction and recovery arenas.

I am a recovering addict with 11 years removed from alcohol and crystal meth dependence. I devote my life and career to helping people who struggle down a similar path. If you or someone you love is struggling with this disease, call Breathe Life Healing Center’s helpline today and get the guidance and support you’re looking for. We offer addiction treatment, specializing in substance addictions including prescription drugs and other medical narcotics.

Remember, just because a doctor prescribes a narcotic doesn’t mean you have to take it. There are non-narcotic options for treating pain and anxiety, you just have to ask if it isn’t offered. If you have a history with substance abuse including alcohol, it is critical to abstain from narcotics and find alternative medications with your doctor. Be smart, be safe, and be healthy.

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