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At the point of enrolling in a rehab program to treat alcohol or drug issues, a person can choose to take either an outpatient or inpatient rehab program. While both are known to be helpful in the fight against drug and alcohol addiction, they are not meant for all addiction cases.

Usually, persons with chronic addiction cases which require comprehensive medically aided detoxification, are strongly advised to take the latter. However, in cases whereby the addiction is quite mild, the outpatient program is best recommended.

The Process of Outpatient Rehabilitation

When it comes to how our outpatient rehab programs work, not a lot of people know. However, it will be simply broken down and explained.

Outpatient rehab programs start with an evaluation that assesses the patient to determine the kind of drug or alcohol addiction fighting program they need. One very pivotal assessment resource used by addiction medical experts in defining the terms of progression in the administering of addiction programs is The ASAM Criteria. This assessment has 6 dimensions to it:

Dimension 1

This is the acute intoxication and withdrawal potential, that looks into a patient’s past and present indulgence of substance use and level of withdrawal.

Dimension 2

This involves biomedical complications and conditions, to evaluate a patient’s health status from past to present.

Dimension 3

There are emotional and cognitive conditions and complications that interrogate a person’s thoughts, emotions, and psychological health issues.

Dimension 4

This is the readiness to change, which examines the eagerness of a patient in living a changed life.

Dimension 5

This is the examination of relapse, continued use, or continued problem potential. Here, observation of a patient’s distinct relationship with relapse, continued use, or potential for problems, is carried out.

Dimension 6

The last is recovery and living environment. This engages a patient’s rehabilitation or living situation and monitors the places, persons, and variables they interact with.

Considering these 6 variables, medical professionals can know the level of care a person will require to start their recovery process. Meanwhile, the whole 6 criteria are usually explored due to the fact that there is hardly one sole reason for substance use when it comes to addiction.

After the evaluation through the 6 dimensions, the rehab therapists and patients activate a working relationship, to formulate an outpatient treatment plan that is most suitable for them.

Different Types of Treatment in Outpatient Rehab

The types of outpatient treatments differ sometimes based on the Los Angeles rehab center. However, there are three major types of outpatient treatment, which have various levels of care to aid patients on their path to recovery. The Six Dimensions of assessment assume a crucial role in determining pairing a patient to a program.

RCA’s Partial Hospitalization Program

This is the process of transitioning patients from inpatient treatment to outpatient treatments in a step-down manner. This is designed for patients who need comprehensive care at a high frequency. Patients in this type of outpatient program are usually estimated to spend 5 hours a day, and approximately 25 hours in a week.

Intensive Outpatient Program

This is used to simmer from the intensity of the first-mentioned program (PHP). Patients here require more levels of intervention than general outpatient groups. Parties in IOP have their sessions usually 3 times a week, with only 3 hours per day.

General Outpatient Program

This is the most flexible of all outpatient programs. Patients here require little care intensity, as they are in a stage that they are being groomed for promising recovery. Their sessions last for just 90 minutes per day and could be one to thrice in a week.

Outpatient rehab works systematically and has promising results. Meanwhile, the three types of outpatient programs have tendencies to work hand in hand and also separately. Do you need to speak with an addiction specialist to enroll in an outpatient rehab program in Los Angeles? Visit kinnohttps://breathelifehealingcenters.com/admissions/insurance.

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