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Obesity: The World is Literally Round

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Screen-Shot-2017-05-04-at-11.58.13-AMby Brad Lamm, CIP

The world is round, and now we know, so are more than 30% of occupants on it as obesity continues to climb worldwide and the epidemic of struggle grows. It’s more than food, fat or feelings- and I know from working on the front line of this painful battle, how we must do more to help those dying from their food fight.
According to Dr. Murray in the Wall Street Journal, “I think of obesity as uniquely concerning because it’s one of the top health risks, and among the top risks it’s the only one going up.” With no ability to grasp this ever growing plague, it continues to spread and contaminate our population.

America dominates the world’s population of obesity, making up “87 million of the world’s 671 million” obese people. America’s issues with overeating is nothing we haven’t heard before, however obesity is now increasing in all parts of the world.

In fact not one country has declined in obesity in the past thirty years. Even poverty can’t hide you from this epidemic. Manufacturing companies have decreased the prices on processed foods, making them more affordable everywhere, including poverty stricken countries. A nice gesture? Don’t be fooled.

While they are decreasing the prices they are increasing the calorie intake and getting people hooked on bad eating habits while profiting off every gained pound. Clearly obesity produces better revenue than starvation.

While medical research and doctors are working as fast as they can to counter the ever rising obesity rates, manufacturing companies are working twice as fast to make and keep us fat. The good news? Despite the dreadful numbers of obesity and weight gain it can be treated.

At Breathe Life Healing Centers we treat overeating as an illness. We develop long term plans to help our clients get better and maintain good healthy bodies for the long hall. We address underlying issues at the root of our eating problems, like why do you eat when you know it is harmful? We find that most people are unaware of these underlying issues, but once pointed out it becomes easy to fix, hence having a dramatic effect at getting the eating under control.

The perception that we need to act drastically may stunt people from taking that first step of action. You don’t have to start running ten miles a day. In my book, Just 10 LBS a moving meditation is a calm peaceful approach to exercise, and it is all you need, as long as you stick with it every day.

Plan your meals ahead of time, get a consistent eating schedule, and if you do you’ll still be able to treat yourself regularly which is something I greatly encourage.

Eighty years ago, few went to rehab for help from what was killing them. We’re at that similar spot today, with those struggling with obesity, and food addiction. Change begins with help, and hope. Consider how, as insurance rules have changed to help folks get coverage for various eating disorders (including those leading to obesity) you might stop what you’re doing and get real, good help. Call Breathe today for an assessment on how we might help.

The toughest step can be the first one and the easiest step can be the second. Take that first step into action, it doesn’t have to be a leap. As quickly as our weight can spiral out of control, with the right tools and proper planning it can spiral back into control just as fast.

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