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Over the last few months, we at Breathe Life Healing Centers have been committed to maintaining our high standards of care amidst this pandemic. Our staff have shown incredible resilience and commitment to our mission throughout this time. Along with a number of exciting announcements, we are delighted to share with you one of our chef’s favorite recipes. Check all this out and more in our newly revamped newsletter:

Breathe typically acknowledges an employee each quarter that goes above and beyond. As the COVID-19 pandemic broke out, the ever-changing events erupted into the end of the first quarter and heightened through to the second. It is only until now that we have had an opportunity to reflect on the first two quarters of this year.

Our Clinical Team members that have worked from the start to remain flexible and continue to work with complete client focus deserve an honorable mention. This team has shown up consistently for our clients, collaborated on how to navigate around client-staff COVID-19 safety challenges, and continued to provide impeccable care.

We have found since then that it is simply impossible to identify one quarterly staff member that has gone above and beyond, but rather several, and frankly, the bulk of the Breathe team. As first responders in mental and behavioral health, our teams are in direct contact with clients, families and each other. Breathe has worked aggressively and tirelessly to implement COVID-19 safety policies in treatment while maintaining the delivery of clinical excellence.

In addition, Breathe’s community mentor team has truly shown their strength and complete dedication to supporting our clients every day, every week and every month this year.

Our operations team has remained committed to ensuring our facility management continues to meet it’s high standards. They each have gone the distance for our clients’ comfort, safety and enjoyment of all that our campus settings have to offer.

Our leadership team has stood as pillars for each and every member of our staff to lean on along the way. Their steady devotion to both their work and their peers serves as an inspiration to us all.

 Breathe’s administration team has kept their heads down and work ethic up to support our company and the continued effort to push forward and help as many people as we can. Our outreach and Alumni Support team have done a terrific job adapting to the changes. From reaching out, to providing ongoing support to professionals in the field as well as our Alumni, we could not be more proud of the work that they have been doing.

And finally, the intake/admissions team, continues to support every client and each family that has called for help. They have worked tirelessly to find the right treatment options for every client, while also considering the health and safety for the program staff, client community, and the admitting client.

– Deb Hughes, CEO


Alla Checca: Recipe from Breathe's Chef Mark Jones

A lot of times when I cook at home I just want a bowl of pasta something simple. A dish that doesn’t take a lot of time or require a lot of technique and doesn’t need to be plated with a whole lot of finesse. At home I just want to be able to make beautiful food with out a whole lot of fuss. Alla Checca is a dish  that celebrates beautiful ingredient  in their peak of ripeness of the season, sometimes I add broccoli or shrimp or spinach or caramelize shallots to change things up. The possibilities are endless!


Bring water to a boil make sure it is salty like the sea add pasta read cooking instruction for time As different pasta has different cooking times for al dente.

In a cold dry pan (no oil) add tomatoes  turn on heat a let the outside of the skin char move every once in a while so there Is char on a couple sides when the start to blister( skin starts to split)  ad a splash of apple cider vinegar add a pinch of salt and season to taste and set aside.

Add chopped garlic to cold olive oil bring to the equivalent of a simmer stir occasionally (med. Heat and set aside. About 7 minutes but it really depends on your stove.

When pasta is cooked reserve at least a cup for one person and 4 cups people the starch in the water helps bring the sauce together.  


We are now ready to cook the dish add pasta water and two tablespoon of garlic oil mixture bring pasta water to a boil add the pasta stir to help incorporate further when pasta start to get soak up liquid and become saucy add blistered tomatoes stir for a couple more minutes and add chili flakes desired taste adjust seasoning and lastly add 1 pad of butter and fresh picked basil and swirl into the pasta and sauce it will come together very creamy and fragrant


Social Distancing Solutions

Recovery during a pandemic is proving to be an unprecedented struggle for some. The lack of physical contact, an aspect important to the recovery of some, is becoming more overwhelming as care moves online.

The Importance of Routine

Making your bed every morning may conjure up memories of blaring alarm clocks and desperate attempts to roll out of bed, but these daily routines could be key to starting your day off on the right foot.

Elton's 30 Years of Sobriety

“Reflecting on the most magical day having celebrated my 30th Sobriety Birthday. So many lovely cards, flowers and chips from my sons, David, friends in the Program, staff at the office and in our homes.”

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