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Recovery is something you have to work on every single day, and it’s something that doesn’t get a day off.

Brad Lamm, CIP Founder on Breathe & Experience Recovery

If there’s one thing we love at Breathe more than relational care, it’s medical care at a detox. That’s why we are so happy to share that the quality care you have come to expect from Breathe Life Healing Center is now available to you and your clients at Experience Recovery Detox & Residential — a boutique 12-bed IMS licensed & Joint Commission accredited program in Santa Anna, CA.

Experience Recovery offers sub-acute detoxification services with on-site medical care, and is in-network with Beacon, Aetna, Value Options, Anthem & Humana.

Contact us today for a virtual tour of Experience Recovery Detox & Residential. We would love to share how we can partner together.


Kathleen Murphy, Deb Hughes, Mackenzie Phillips, Ashley Lytwyn, & Brad Lamm.

More About Experience Recovery

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Experience Recovery 24/7 Medically Supervised Detox 

Detox is the first step in the recovery journey. Our team makes it as seamless, comfortable, and effective as possible. Along with providing medically assisted detox we begin to introduce our clients to the concept of change. 

Our detoxification and withdrawal management are designed to safely treat individuals withdrawing from: 

Medically supervised 24/7, eliminating health risks and ensuring the highest standards of safety.

We use evidence-based, clinically proven models that provide a safe, effective detox process. 

Residential Treatment

In a residential setting, individuals will be provided with structure and support in early recovery. Experience Recovery personalizes treatment to each client yet offers a complete wellness approach model that is consistently informed by science, driven by data, and administered in accordance with proven clinical methods designed to establish lasting recovery.

Our Therapeutic Model focuses on:

Integration into our Residential Treatment program will be determined based on your medical necessity and your clinical treatment team. You must be medically/clinically cleared to enter our residential program and may have to complete detox prior to entry.

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