Breathe Life Healing Centers presents:

Dr. Stacee Reicherzer

Healing the Trauma of Injustice and the Gaslighting that Goes With It.

If you’ve experienced injustices over your lifetime, you know injustice trauma.

About this Event

If you’ve experienced injustices over your lifetime—whether big and systemic forms that oppressed and sought to deny you for your racial, gender, sexual, cultural, or religious identity—or whether you’ve been treated as less than because of your body shape or size, how you moved, processed information, or otherwise navigated the world in a way that someone else trivialized, you know what injustice trauma. You know injustice trauma as well if you grew up with an addicted parent, kept a family secret, or were loathed because you reminded family of a birth parent that they’d rather forget.

Join Dr. Stacee Reicherzer for an experiential journey to begin healing injustice trauma, through exercises that will move you away from negative beliefs that your oppressor instilled, and which they may still be benefiting from at your expense.

Learning Objectives:

Dr Stacee Reicherzer

Stacee L. Reicherzer, PhD, is a Chicago, IL-based transgender counselor, educator, TEDx speaker, and storyteller for the bullied, forgotten, and oppressed. She is the author of The Healing Otherness Handbook: Overcome the Trauma of Identity-Based Bullying and Find Power in Your Difference. The San Antonio, TX native serves as clinical faculty of counseling at Southern New Hampshire University, where she received the distinguished faculty award in 2018. She travels the globe to teach and engage audiences around diverse topics of otherness, self-sabotage, and imposter phenomenon. During her free time, she’s a girl on the go in Chicago, making time for her chosen family and her adorable pug, BB-8. For more information, visit her website:

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