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EDUCATED EATING: Why Some Diets Are Designed To Fail

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salmon-dish-food-meal-46239by Brad Lamm, CIP

While our country’s desire to lose weight continues to rise, unfortunately the people who need to lose weight continues to increase as well. The irony is that so many people who attempt to lose weight are actually gaining weight in the process.

Why you ask? Many corporations are the driving engine behind so many weight loss diets and the promotion of low-calorie, processed foods. These corporations intentionally market diets where success hinges on the use of a certain product and are ultimately designed for the consumer to fail.

According to Hubub, corporations use high doses of sugar with no nutritional value to get people addicted and wanting more. “The public desire to get healthier will not stop this industry from capitalizing on our cravings, so if that means telling us a product is both miraculously delicious and healthy, that is what they will do.” hubub

They use heavy doses of saturated sugar that are cheaper for them to maximize their profits at the expense of our health. By calling them diets  and low calorie food, they appeal to the rising population of overweight Americans, enabling the corporation’s pockets to become as fat as the consumers. Does this mean that all diets are fake? No of course not. I want to educate our society in hopes that we can all move past our eating disorders the way I did.

In my book, Just 10 LBS, I talk about getting on a love centered diet. Educated eating involves foods that are more natural with less ingredients. Cut out the corporation produced meals in general or at least cut back. It’s always okay to have a treat once and a while. I believe treating yourself should be a regular weekly occurrence in a healthy weight loss plan. Just remember that sugar is bad for you, and highly addictive. It Increases the cycle of continued binge eating.

For corporations who profit from consumers buying their foods this is great. For people like us who just want to lose weight, look better and feel healthy, not so much.

Pre-plan your meals and schedule your portions to make sure that you’re getting healthy portions at a time. Get a plan in place for how you intend to eat instead of just deciding your meals on the fly. Just like how sugar and other unhealthy ingredients are addicting to so many obese Americans, eating better can be just as addicting if not more. You’ll get more energy and greater health which will lead to you feeling better. The satisfaction you will get from feeling better will make it easy to stick with a program of educated eating.

Many people like myself have suffered from addictive behaviors. Addictive behaviors can be overcome when you can channel them into positive outlets. Today I’m addicted to eating healthy, working out, taking care of my mind, body and soul. I’m motivated to help others in any way I can. You too can eat right and feel better and get from addicted to being healthy and feeling good. You won’t end up in a jail or rehab for that one.

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