Dual Diagnosis Treatment Los Angeles

Dual diagnosis is the occurrence of mental illnesses and substance use disorders simultaneously. While these disorders often co-exist, it’s not necessary that one led to the development of the other, making it difficult to pinpoint which came first. For instance, in one individual, alcoholism could lead to anxiety. On the other hand, in another person, depression could result in drug abuse. What is most important is an accurate diagnosis of the existence of both conditions and treating them at the same time.

At Breathe Life Healing Centers, we offer the finest dual diagnosis treatment in Los Angeles. With years of devotion and heartfelt compassion, we’ve created a specialized program to provide our clients with an opportunity to attain lasting recovery and live a fulfilling, healthy life.

Our Approach to Dual Diagnosis Treatment

Treatment for dual diagnosis entails using a combination of methods for optimal outcomes. The approaches we use in mental health disorder and drug and alcohol treatment in Los Angeles, California, include:

  • Thorough Evaluation

This initial step is essential and will enable our best Los Angeles addiction treatment providers to identify the specific mental illness and addiction you have.

  • Detox

We’ll enroll you in a medical detox program where you’ll remain until your body is no longer physically dependent on drugs or alcohol and the cravings and withdrawal have been managed safely.

  • Medications

As part of our Los Angeles CA addiction recovery services, we might prescribe medication to help lessen your cravings for your substance of use and make the withdrawal process as comfortable as possible. We may also give you psychotherapeutic medications for your specific mental health disorder.

  • Therapy

You’ll receive therapy to aid you in coping with your mental illness and uncover the underlying cause of your addiction. Together with our therapist, you will discover how the co-occurring disorders are connected and address the root cause of your mental health disorder and addiction. You will then be taught ways to deal with your mental health condition. Further, you will learn how to know and avoid triggers that can lead to relapse.

  • Aftercare

Once you complete treatment, you may still be put on medication for the long-term management of your mental health condition. You will also be encouraged to join our second to none support groups to help you remain sober.

Why We Believe It is of the Utmost Importance to Diagnose and Treat Both Mental Health and Addiction at the Same Time

An accurate diagnosis and treating co-occurring disorders together are crucial for your lasting Los Angeles addiction recovery. Research has revealed that stabilizing both mental health and substance use disorders contribute immensely to reduced relapse rates. But without appropriate therapy and treatment, you increase your chance of relapse because both issues aren’t properly addressed.

Top of the Line Dual Diagnosis Treatment

As one of the top-rated recovery homes in LA County, we know that dual diagnosis can be a hard problem to overcome. We also understand that dual diagnosis treatment in Los Angeles can be complicated. That is why to give you the best chance at recovery; we have a top multidisciplinary team with expertise in treating both substance abuse and mental health disorders. Contact Breathe Life Healing Centers today to speak with an addiction specialist to get help or verify your insurance now: https://breathelifehealingcenters.com/admissions/insurance/.

Dual Diagnosis Treatment Los Angeles

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Dual Diagnosis Treatment Los Angeles

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