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Deciding to quit drugs is a great first step in your journey to sobriety. However, even when you feel you’re ready to overcome your addiction, the withdrawal process can be hard to bear. Prolonged drug use can change your brain chemistry, causing your body to react in an unexpected way when you stop doing drugs. But medical detox can reduce the side effects of withdrawal so that recovery becomes easier to attain. It also considerably minimizes the risk of relapse. Medical detox is done in a comfortable and medically supervised environment.

At Breathe Life Healing Centers, we’re a top-rated drug detox center in Los Angeles that uses therapeutic techniques and approved medications to make your withdrawal process as safe and comfortable as possible. With us, you’ll have the space, time, care, and support you require to get through withdrawal and focus on your recovery.

The Reasons You Need to Detox in A Medical Environment to Keep Safe and Comfortable During Withdrawal

Detoxification from drugs entails purging your body of drugs and toxic substances. The process can be painful, uncomfortable, and even life-threatening. But medical detox can minimize the symptoms of withdrawal and is usually the first step in drug and alcohol treatment in Los Angeles, California. The importance of supervised drug detoxification include:

  • Medically Assisted Treatment

Most drug detoxes use approved medications to alleviate the uncomfortable symptoms of withdrawal. The medications help your brain and body to stabilize and keep you safe. Some of the common symptoms prescription medication aid with include high blood pressure, anxiety, depression, hallucinations, and seizures.

  • Successful Recovery from Addiction

Medical detox sets you up for long-term Los Angeles addiction recovery. Drug detox is crucial because it might be impossible to completely stop using before getting rid of the toxic substances in your body. Medically assisted detox helps you to withstand the severe withdrawal symptoms that come with quitting drugs.

  • Uncover Underlying Co-Occurring Disorders

Many people are diagnosed with co-occurring disorders. This is when you have substance use and mental health disorder simultaneously. Abuse of drugs suppresses the symptoms of mental health illnesses. Fortunately, supervised detox can reveal mental health disorders and allow the best Los Angeles addiction treatment providers to understand and manage your case.

  • Life-Saving

Substance abuse affects both your brain and body. Addiction specialists offering Los Angeles CA addiction recovery services can identify and treat any drug-related medical complications that arise in detox. On the other hand, detoxing at home can be fatal. You might experience severe side effects from withdrawal like seizures, tremors, and delirium.

Your Addiction Ends with Us

Are you struggling with drug addiction? Detoxification in one of the best recovery homes in LA County might be your first step to recovery. Or perhaps you’ve attempted to detox at home but could not withstand the side effects of withdrawal. There’s no need to give up. As a leading drug detox center in Los Angeles, we provide top-of-the-line supervised detox to assist you in managing your withdrawal symptoms and cravings. That way, you find the motivation and boost needed to kickstart your recovery journey. Contact us today to speak with an addiction specialist to get help or verify your insurance now: https://breathelifehealingcenters.com/admissions/insurance/.

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