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Brad Lamm, CIPmedical-563427_960_720 |  A Boise, Idaho doc, who was charged with dealing prescription drugs illegally is behind bars this morning. Physicians prescribing legal drugs are not just fuel to the fire, but in many states, the FIRE of our addiction epidemic as I’ve written about before. In 2009 I stormed the office with a camera in hand to confront, and document, a doctor whose prescribing behaviors were killing my patient. I had called to speak with him about her multiple overdoses and deadly addiction but his prescription pad pill mill shenanigans continued uninterrupted.

In Boise, Dr. Michael Minas, a 49 year old family practitioner is the fella accused of dealing narcotics such as Oxycodone, Oxycontin, and diazepam, allegedly just for profit. Dr. Minas is the drug dealer with the privilege of creating his own customer base with a license and a prescription pad.

Such abuse of power is alarming, and oftentimes almost untouchable. The doctor remains a pinnacle of society and when I’ve criticized dirty doctors in the past, the hollers begin: WHY WOULD YOU BLAME THE DOCTOR!?

Slowly, is how it is remedied when a crooked doc gets stung.

The DEA and Boise DA were able to identify this and put a stop to this army of one. We must do better. The constant drive to prescribe pills medically has greatly plagued our population with the disease of drug addiction. 70% of our country is on prescription pills of some sort. In the US more than 15 million people abuse prescription drugs. Nearly 15 thousand people die each year from prescription drug overdose. The issue is greatly pressing, and it’s time for us to respond.

For a person prone to addiction, ask for non-narcotic drugs for pain and anxiety. Start out safely. Just because the doctor prescribed a pill doesn’t mean you have to take it.

We each have a say in what we put in our bodies – and from whom we accept a prescription.

If you or someone you know is struggling from this disease, call our Breathe Life Healing Centers Help-Line and get some questions answered. Stay educated, and be aware that treatment for the disease of addiction is at hand.

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