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Dr. Tian Dayton Receives President’s Award

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Dr. Tian Dayton

Brad Lamm, CIP

UnknownThe American Society of Group Psychotherapy and Psychodrama (ASGPP) awarded Dr. Tian Dayton the President’s Award at their national conference on Monday.  Dr. Dayton, who holds a position as Director of the New York Psychodrama Training Insititute and is a fellow of the ASGPP, is the Director of Clinical Programming at Breathe Life Healing Centers. The award is added to several honors earned in the field of addiction, where she is a recognized expert.

Conceived in the early half of the 20th century by  J.L.Moreno, MD, Psychodrama is a type of experiential therapy that employs guided dramatic action to examine problems and issues and is a centerpiece of the Breathe program. Psychodrama is a powerful tool, not only because it integrates the cognitive, affective and behavioral parts of a person but it also leverages the power of the group as witness and participant, thusly creating a true breakthrough for all.  This is what makes psychodrama such an effective tool when treating the addict, who has lived a one-dimensional existence during their using career and may be unable to glean the same benefits from talk therapy.

ASGPP President Dave Moran presented the award to Dr. Dayton in recognition for “Outstanding contributions…as a psychodramatist and her commitment to the work of J.L. Moreno,…(over the) last 30 years.”

Congratulations Tian, from the Breathe Team. For more information on Breathe’s psychodrama and other modalities, call us today.

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