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Aspartame: No Calorie with a Cost

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sugar-2095732_960_720Brad Lamm, CIP

It’s easy to assume when a product says low-cal on a food label that it’s healthy. Sadly that is not always the case. In our ever expanding world, we search for every advantage we can get in managing weight. Unfortunately, with manufactured alternatives to sugar such as aspartame, we are making our weight problem worse and not better. Aspartame, which is in thousands of foods, and health products, is one such bummer bid to thinny yourself.

According to The Yale Journal of Biology and Medicine, “While people often choose ‘diet’ or ‘light’ products to lose weight, research studies suggest that artificial sweeteners may contribute to weight gain.” The very products we are turning to for help are actually causing us to need more help. The only weight being lost is in our heart, mind and wallets.

An accident that’s now hiding in plain sight, aspartame almost didn’t see the light of day but thanks to intensive lobbying was approved. Now nearly 30 years after the chemical was rammed through the regulatory process by big pharma interests, it is once again under the microscope.

Aspartame goes after that most fundamental part of you – your sweet spot. That’s the place where you “taste” sweetness. While this product is supposed to be a healthy alternative to sugar, in reality it has actually helped increase weight gain in those who depend on it as part of a diet to reduce. It is also linked to cancer, and brain damage.

I mean talk about a big old bummer, the substance derives from the waste of genetically- modified E. Coli bacteria. Even its’ origin story is a negative.

While it is a positive step to make the effort to eat better, let’s be careful where we get our info on what is healthy and what is not. Remember, low-fat, high-sugar? That notion of the 80s and 90s has given way to record obesity rates and a call for revision to a balanced, minimally processed diet.

As I’ve written about before, manufactured diets that say they are healthy are often quite the opposite. They get you hooked on eating their addictive products so they can continually capitalize off your desperate attempts to lose weight, banking on the fact that through their products you will fail miserably.

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