Testimonial: Mike

Recovery Professional?

Take everything one day at a time. And on the harder days, reach out to a loved one for a hand to hold. On the easier days, reach out your hand to someone who needs it.

My time at Breathe was a transformational for me. I graduated about a year ago after three months in the food program and have continued to apply what I learned. People do not take food addiction seriously and to go into a program was a hard decision to make. Addicts are control freaks and to think that it is a vacation is far from true, but they have a nutritional program which is by far the best I have encountered in years of nutritional education and a clinical program that really addresses addiction and trauma in a realistic way. The accommodations are wonderful and there is a true commitment to health (mental, physical and spiritual) and exercise. My main reason for continual lack of control around food was a chronic pain condition. I became aware that the pain and food were separate and continue to follow the nutritional guidelines I learned at Breathe. Thank you all for dedicating your lives to helping others reclaim theirs.


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