Testimonial: Elizabeth

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Take everything one day at a time. And on the harder days, reach out to a loved one for a hand to hold. On the easier days, reach out your hand to someone who needs it.

Thanks for helping our family so much. The weekly Family Class really helped us begin to communicate with one another differently, so that was very helpful. We didn’t really think we were going to attend the weeklong Family Workshop time but finally did with our son’s therapist Shane, challenged us to do it. See we had been to three other family programs over the years and quite frankly my husband was mad and I was just so tired by all of it from the addiction that we weren’t sure we would attend. Finally, we decided too and it helped us so very much. Thank you Kathleen Murphy for helping us so much through our anger and pain to a new beginning with our son.

By the way, he just celebrated his one year sober anniversary so that is saying something. After all the rehabs etc, he’s finally stable and a good father to his girls like he wanted to be and we are doing well as a family. Thank you Breathe team.


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