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Exploring Types of Eating Disorders: A Comprehensive Guide

Hands of a woman holding a knife and fork poised above a plate with a single pea, symbolizing restrictive eating habits, featured in a guide exploring types of eating disorders.

Eating is a complicated part of life. It’s affected by all sorts of things like our genes, upbringing, mental health, media imagery, biological changes, and even injuries. This is why we see so many different types of eating disorders! This article will explore the definition, causes, and all the different types of eating disorders, their […]

The 4 S’s: Red Flags and Warning Signs of Binge Eating Disorder

Binge eating disorder

Did you know the most common eating disorder in America isn’t Anorexia or Bulimia? It’s actually a newly recognized disorder known as BED, Binge Eating Disorder. More Americans struggle with BED than anorexia or bulimia combined! Approximately 8% of American adults suffer from BED in their lifetime. Chances are, you know at least 1-2 more people who are struggling […]

What is Binge Eating Disorder and How to Treat it?

Binge eating disorder

Binge Eating Disorder is the most common eating disorder in the U.S. We don’t hear as much about it as we hear about anorexia and bulimia, but it too is a very serious, life-threatening condition. Binge eating disorder is when someone rapidly eats way too much food at once but doesn’t ‘purge’ afterward the way […]

America’s Hidden Epidemic: Food Addiction

food addiction in america

Katie Couric hosts a panel on food addiction with tennis champion Monica Seles, interventionist Brad Lamm and Yahoo Finance Markets Correspondent Nicole Sinclair You may have heard the word “bingeing” used casually. People binge on food, alcohol, or even a series on Netflix. But Binge Eating Disorder, or B.E.D., is the most common eating disorder in […]

BED: The Most Common Eating Disorder In America

Here’s What You Should Know Though only recently recognized, binge eating disorder affects more people than anorexia and bulimia combined. Hearing the words eating disorder, most people automatically think of anorexia and bulimia. But actually, neither of these is the most common eating disorder people struggle with. For years, there were essentially three buckets into which eating disorders were […]

Aspartame: No Calorie with a Cost

breathe life healing center

Brad Lamm, CIP It’s easy to assume when a product says low-cal on a food label that it’s healthy. Sadly that is not always the case. In our ever expanding world, we search for every advantage we can get in managing weight. Unfortunately, with manufactured alternatives to sugar such as aspartame, we are making our […]