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Rodrigo Dasilva, AMSW, CSAT-C, Joins The Breathe Team

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Recovery is something you have to work on every single day, and it’s something that doesn’t get a day off.

Breathe is excited to announce that Rodrigo Dasilva, AMSW, CSAT-C, will be joining our team as a Primary Therapist. Rodrigo has already proven to be a dedicated and motivated member of the Breathe team. His work in the field of addictions started when he was accepted to the New York University Silver School for Social Work.

There he studied to receive his Masters degree in the Social Work Advanced Standing program. He started his working career at The Door in New York where he worked as a Membership intake counselor.

He acquired knowledge and skills that allowed him to recognize symptoms of addiction according to DSM 5 criteria and document data to support the diagnosis. From there, he worked at Hazelden Betty Ford, Park Avenue Psychotherapy, and New York Pathways.

Breathe is truly grateful to be adding his expertise to our team of dedicated therapists.

More about Breathe Life Healing Centers

Today, upwards of 40 million people are struggling with a substance use disorder. That means that millions of people are regularly abusing substances like alcohol, opioids, stimulants, and synthetic drugs like methamphetamine, or “meth”.

When a substance use disorder is present in one’s life, he or she will suffer from a number of different consequences, however, will grapple with finding a way to stop using, even if they want to. The same goes for those who are afflicted with an eating disorder or a co-occurring mental health conditions.

Utilizing powerful trauma-informed approaches to healing, Breathe Life Healing Centers offers evidence-based clinical solutions and a welcome place for spiritual awakenings.

To reduce suffering and help clients recover dignity, Breathe’s world-class treatment team and community, support clients in rebuilding their life and getting better.

Breathe’s services both on Campus and Clinic include individual and group therapy, SPARK spiritual life groups, one on one therapy with a commitment to phase one safety and stabilization featuring sensorimotor, IFS, and DBT skills building alongside Family Class.

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