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Robin Williams: Fame + Self Shame

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Robin Williams

Robin Williamsby Brad Lamm, CIP | The world has lost one of the great comedian and actors of our lifetime: Robin Williams. He made the world sing and laugh in delight, and will forever remain in our hearts. He suffered from addiction and struggled with depression. While death from this disease is more common than we’d like to think, when the spotlight is on the topic it is important to encourage and continue the conversation. Addiction is real. Depression is real. Sometimes it moves faster than recovery and can overtake a life, even a legendary one.

We’ve heard the details and know the tragic story. We’ve heard the reports that he was battling severe depression. It’s heartbreaking to see that a man who made billions of people including myself laugh countless times felt so sad and hopeless that his only option was to make it stop.

Williams had documented drug and alcohol problems in the 70s and 80s. He finally got help and was sober for two long decades. Then he slipped and started drinking in 2006. He worked hard to get back on track and stay sober, which took him through another handful of years. He checked into rehab this past summer to stay on the path, to stay focused on his sobriety.

Depression and the disease of addiction are no laughing matter. Stardom, success, money, and fame don’t protect us. Williams had people who cared about him, and the resources to get help. Even after getting help, it wasn’t enough and like so many before him, he was overcome with the anguish.

I can empathize with his suffering; I have been there. Fortunately, by the grace of God, I was able to seek help and stay recovered. I am 11 years removed from alcohol and crystal meth dependence and not a day goes by that I don’t remember the agonizing pain that enslaved every waking moment. Today I devote my life and career to helping others who struggle with that similar pain. Unfortunately, not everyone will recover, but help is available, and with help comes hope. Hope for a new day free from suffering and addiction.

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