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Michael Phelps

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Michael Phelps

Brad Lamm, CIP

Michael PhelpsWhen we’re kids we never think of doing wrong, right? We learn to say NO, I know. But actually doing wrong, in spite of what we know to be the right way to do something is rare. Right. Wrong. Cut and dry.

We have to learn to do wrong I think.
Impairment of all kinds changes what we think; what we know.

We do what we wouldn’t because we’re unable to think our way to what we know.

Olympic gold medalist Michael Phelps was arrested in Baltimore Tuesday morning for a DUI. The 29-year-old was pulled over at about 1:40 am for going 84 in a 45 miles per hour zone. Michael has long been celebrated for his speed in the swimming pool. It’s Phelps’ second DUI, the last about a decade ago at the age of 19 years old.

Tuesday morning, he was pulled over where he failed some basic sobriety tests. In this second instance, his blood alcohol level was reportedly almost twice the legal limit. His charges were “Driving under the influence, excessive speeding and crossing lane lines.”

I’d moved to Washington DC in 1999, a huge jump from Boise, ID weatherman to the Fox affiliate in DC where I was given the shot of a lifetime – the morning news in a market I loved, with people I cared about, and lots of potentials. In spite of all that amazing upside, I drove near the White House, praying I would get arrested as I believed there to be no other way I might stop drinking, and stay stopped.

When in the grip of it:

We do what we wouldn’t because we’re unable to think our way to what we know.

As high profile human beings, such as Phelps, make their way into the news for a mug shot and drunk driving, I try to wring the opportunity to shine public awareness on the hope of recovery. Michael Phelps may not be an addict or alcoholic, but he is in trouble and today provides an opportunity for help and possible treatment.

I am a recovered addict going on a dozen years from the pain, and confusion of living in potential – and unable to graduate to the best life has to offer due to addiction. Today I devote my life and career to helping others who struggle down that similar path.  If you or someone you love struggles with eating addictions, chemical dependency or nicotine addiction consider how you might open up a dialogue on making change begin.

Consider your loved one, or yourself, back at five again. Before things got twisted and confusing; before chemical dependency interrupted a way of living life. If you or a loved one need an alcohol rehab center, we can help. Call us today to begin your journey to a better way of life.

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