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Mackenzie Phillips Joins Breathe as Addiction Counselor

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Recovery is something you have to work on every single day, and it’s something that doesn’t get a day off.

Actress, author, and recovering addict Mackenzie Phillips joins the team at renowned treatment facility,


Mackenzie Phillips

“We are thrilled to have Mack join the Breathe family. Our clients will no doubt benefit from her expertise in the field and her personal journey to recovery. She has recovered so much – a life rich in value and substance and I cannot wait to collaborate with her. She is a brave warrior who has trudged a long road, and has built a true bridge back to life. Plus, she’s not a glum gal!” notes Brad Lamm, Founder of Breathe Life Healing Centers.

“My addiction was so powerful, and so rooted in early trauma, that I lost myself for many years. Now, with a strong recovery I’m committed to helping others find their voice at Breathe Life Healing Centers,” says Phillips.

Over the years, Phillips has utilized her platform as a public figure to educate people about addiction and to combat social stigmas. Her 2009 memoir, High on Arrival, detailed her battle with substance abuse and family trauma throughout her life, and her subsequent journey to mental and physical wellness.

About Breathe Life Healing Centers

Breathe treats Substance Use Disorder, Eating Disorders and Co-Occurring Disorders, utilizing trauma-informed clinical care and provides evidence-based care including Somatic therapies, IFS, DBT, experiential therapies, 12-Step participation, and spiritual development work. Additionally, Breathe leads Life Skills workshops, weekly Family Class and their five day Family Workshop.

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