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Obesity: I’m Not Big, Why We Loathe to Admit it

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JUST10LBS_COVERBrad Lamm, CIP  |  As Americans continue to gain weight, countless doctors and medical teams are slaving away to address the obesity epidemic. Could it be that the easiest fix is as simple as taking an honest look in the mirror? The majority of Americans don’t see themselves as overweight. Unfortunately our statistics say otherwise.

According to the Huntington post, 55% of adults in this country don’t think they are overweight, yet statistics say that two thirds of Americans are overweight. Either our statistics are wrong, or people are lying. My guess would be the latter.

Many people have been exposed to the negative feelings associated with being overweight or suffering from obesity. It is easy to see why people have such a hard time admitting it.

In my book Just 10 LBS I write about an easy comfortable change. Ten pounds is by no means an overbearing commitment. Whether we can admit we’re big or even if we aren’t, who couldn’t stand to lose ten pounds?




Three easy steps I write about for a comfortable process of looking and feeling better. Once you lose a few pounds and reap the benefits of feeling better, it will be easy to stick with it. Before you know it you’ll begin to lose the weight you wanted to shed and then some. This while enjoying the process.

However, in cases of total obesity, full admission is crucial. At my Breathe Life Healing Centers we treat Compulsive Over Eating and Binge Eating Disorders. We address the feelings and emotions behind why you eat. We heal the psychological and emotional wounds that are harming you first. Than we address the physical actions to get you feeling healthier and stronger.

Not everyone is obese. However the majority of us do need to lose weight. Honesty and acceptance is ideal in finding the motivation to see the change through. However if you can’t admit it, just commit to working out, eating right, and feeling better.  All of us can benefit from that even if we’re already in shape.

In the season of sunny days and clear skies, set a healthy eating and exercise plan to feel better. If you happen to look better in the process, who’s going to complain about that?

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