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A Fitness Rx: Fun Matters

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Recovery is something you have to work on every single day, and it’s something that doesn’t get a day off.

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city-bike-riding-pexels-photo-386024Brad Lamm, CIP | You know the routine – mind, body + spirit. Tap all three through strong clinical help, mindful exercise and focused clean food work and you’ve got the not-so-secret recipe for success.

We all know exercising is a key way to live well. Too often it’s neglected with those struggling with weight. Lethargy feeds lethargy. “I’m stuck!” I hear every week. So many flat out hate it. It may be a physical activity, but mental outlook is pivotal to staying stuck or getting unstuck!

Exercise can be fun. Nobody wants another chore. So that’s the rub – and conundrum. Here are some great tips from the Huffington Post about a positive experience of a time when exercise was pleasurable.

So to upset your unmoving apple cart:


Self-talk is important. Don’t use negative self talk to motivate yourself. Keeping it positive and pleasant turns it from labor to leisure.


Walking, biking, bowling, skating are ways to DO the new. Doing the same thing every time is so tedious. If you run or walk change your route so it doesn’t get boring.

At the gym, try new (for you) machines. There are so many different ways to work the same body parts so why get stuck doing the same things? If you’re used to working out alone and you’re not having fun, take a class and change it up.

Change the music you listen too. Try a different playlist every week.  Tune in a playlist that helps you move, groove and wiggle a little!

And finally, take it easy, don’t kill yourself. Exercise should not be burn you up, in fact if it is too much, it can actually be unhealthy; a new study has found that overly strenuous workouts can be detrimental to your heart.

Summer is here, and the beach season is kicking full throttle. Make the most out of this weather and start feeling better. Craft your exercise to FEEL BETTER. We all like doing things that are fun so make fun for you, and your heart TODAY.


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