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E-cigarettes: Not Childproof

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man smoking e-cigarette

man smoking e-cigaretteBrad Lamm, CIP

Smoking kills. Thankfully countless Americans like myself have been able to quit. Now with smoking rates dropping, a new bad boy is taking the public by storm: E-cigarettes. A tobacco product advertised as a healthy alternative to quitting cigarette smoking may be having the opposite effect on our youth.

According to the New York Times, almost two dozen attorney generals met in Park City, Utah to express their concerns about tobacco companies advertising e-cigarettes to young people. Ironically they met on the 20th anniversary of a famous lawsuit that restricts tobacco companies from advertising cigarettes publicly to children. With e-cigs being so new, restrictions on advertising haven’t really been put in place.

E-cigarettes have been a positive force in getting people to quit or cut back on smoking regular cigarettes. However, the attraction to our youth may reverse the positive trend we’ve seen recently in general quit rates. According to Sean Riley, Chief Deputy Attorney General of Kentucky, e-cigarettes are not healthy and with increasing numbers of use by kids in schools, this could become the “gateway to cigarette smoking, instead of a way to quit.” That would certainly defeat the purpose of having a healthy alternative.

Bottom line is e-cigs may be better for you than real cigs in some ways, but they are still unhealthy. If you smoke them first, they can very easily segue to tobacco next. Then they wouldn’t be encouraging quitting, they’d be encouraging continuing.

I am a recovered addict 11 years removed from alcohol and crystal meth dependence. I am many years removed from tobacco dependence as well. I devote my life and career to helping others who suffer down that similar path. If you or someone you love is looking to quit smoking, call our Breathe Life Healing Center’s Residential Rehab today and get answers to your questions.

The healthiest alternative to smoking cigarettes is not smoking anything at all. Be smart, be safe, and be healthy.

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