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Sometimes you’re at the end of your rope and find hope in the most unlikely of places. For some families it’s Dr. Phil to intervene and for others they start right where they sit in the moment.

Recovery isn’t just a journey for the addicted individual – it is a journey the whole family goes on together. Below you will find the four steps a family can take to help a loved one from founder Brad Lamm, CIP.

The four steps to help someone you love:

Those who have complex trauma are likely to experience similar symptoms to those who have posttraumatic stress disorder, such as detachment from their surroundings, hypervigilance, and re-experiencing the traumas. However, there are some more in-depth symptoms that can develop when someone has complex trauma, including the following:

How Can Breathe Help?

The challenge with addictions is rarely the substance itself, but our dependency on it. You feel like you have no choice any more, and that you have to continue the habit. At Breathe, our treatment programs are designed to empower you, and give you back the choice. We look at both physiological and psychological addictions, and put you back in control of both. We will teach you how to let go of the addictions that are destructive in your life.

We accomplish together what we cannot apart. Call our Admissions Team now at 800- 929-5905 to start your conversation on making change now.

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