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Support groups for family members of drug addicts

Support Helps! Assisting Recovering Families

When one member of the family develops a drug addiction, the whole family suffers too. It hurts to see our loved ones hurting, and their …

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3 tips parents addicts

3 Helpful Tips for the Parents of Addicts

In the United States, we tend to think of our children’s 18th birthday as the day they finally leave the family nest and become independent …

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lazy children

How to Prevent “Failure to Launch” in your Children

Failure to launch, what is it? The term comes from a 2006 Hollywood comedy where Matthew McConaughey refuses to move out of his parents’ house …

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family holding hands

Helping the Addict, Healing the Family

Brad Lamm CIP Understanding how addiction affects both the addicted person and the family is an essential foundation for lasting recovery. Addiction is commonly seen …

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