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What is Anorexia

What is Anorexia?

People who suffer from anorexia nervosa or “anorexia” have an extremely low body weight and a strong worry of gaining weight. They believe that they …

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diet pills

What Do They Even Put in These Diet Pills?

“If it were bad for you, they wouldn’t be allowed to sell it!” This is how a lot of us justify taking those non-prescription diet …

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Dr Steve Karp | Breathe Life Healing Centers

Celebrated Psychiatrist Steve Karp, D.O. Joins Breathe Life Healing Centers as Chief Medical Officer

With great anticipation Breathe Life Healing Centers announces Steve Karp, D.O., FACN, as Chief Medical Officer.  Enormously skilled at treating patients struggling with eating disorders, …

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How to Prevent Obesity

How to Prevent Obesity Aren’t we all trying to lose a little weight or improve our figure? Life has a way of literally weighing us …

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breathe life healing center

The Good Food (+ mood)

  This is the time of year we get stuck on “FOOD RULES” … you know the “no this, no that, some’a this” sort of …

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breathe life healing center

Brad Lamm Shares His Insight On Food Addiction

By Nadia Murdock Coping with an eating disorder is something that many people deal with in secrecy not knowing where to turn for help. Brad …

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Live + Learn: What Style of Eater Are You?

Breathe founder Brad Lamm has teamed up with Oprah to create an online learning series – to help live and learn as we plug away …

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More or Less: Sweet Tooth Check Up

Brad Lamm, CIP My sweet tooth is front and center. I grew it that way. Over the years, the sweeter the better, and I got …

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sugar donut

The Big Food Sugar Shuffle

Brad Lamm, CIP As we barrel toward the terrifying statistic of 3 out of 4 people categorized as overweight by 2020, a heaping helping has …

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How He Lost HALF His Body Weight

When he was at his heaviest, Jason Brown, 45, was a size XXXXXXXXL He now weighs 239lbs and has slimmed down to a size XL …

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