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Josh Duggar’s Rehab: Welcome to the Dark Ages

By Brad Lamm, CIP The Josh Duggar headlines holler HYPOCRITE and LIAR. No surprise as that’s what addictive behavior breeds an abundance of — lies, …

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Drugs in the Digital Age

Brad Lamm, CIP Over the last 4 years, the so-called war on drugs has literally ground to a halt as more than 300 different  ‘legal …

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When It’s Time to Tell the Family About Your Addiction

Brad Lamm, CIP Coming to terms with your addiction is the first step on the road to recovery.  Once you’ve done that, it’s time to …

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Pill Mills Still Kill in 2015

Brad Lamm, CIP   In 2011, 52 million people used prescription narcotic pain pills non-medically in the U.S., according to the National Institute on Drug …

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sex addiction

A Guide to Sex Addiction

Brad Lamm, CIP In our culture, sex addiction (SA) is considered so shameful that we rarely see it depicted in our wider world.  Characterized as …

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Smoking Weed May Be Hazardous To Your Health…

Brad Lamm, CIP Like booze, some will smoke to unwind, or for medical need, with no negative impact, but the effect of the somewhat new …

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Early Childhood Trauma and the Disease of Addiction

Brad Lamm, CIP We know that addiction is a disease and can be treated as such. But recently, science has begun to make the association between …

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The Heroin Pandemic: Help on the Horizon

Brad Lamm, CIP A friend relapsed on heroin last week. A good person with a bum habit. He was clean for a little more than …

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Media Mania

Brad Lamm, CIP It’s a magnet for many. All of us know someone who texts too much or, simply cannot log off social media. I …

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Good Golly, It’s Molly

Brad Lamm, CIP The New York Times reported a rash of drug overdoses at Wesleyan University in Connecticut this past Sunday.  A bad batch of …

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