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Early Childhood Trauma and the Disease of Addiction

Brad Lamm, CIP We know that addiction is a disease and can be treated as such. But recently, science has begun to make the association between …

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The Heroin Pandemic: Help on the Horizon

Brad Lamm, CIP A friend relapsed on heroin last week. A good person with a bum habit. He was clean for a little more than …

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Media Mania

Brad Lamm, CIP It’s a magnet for many. All of us know someone who texts too much or, simply cannot log off social media. I …

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Good Golly, It’s Molly

Brad Lamm, CIP The New York Times reported a rash of drug overdoses at Wesleyan University in Connecticut this past Sunday.  A bad batch of …

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elder addicts

The Elder Addict

Brad Lamm, CIP   One of our nation’s fastest growing health problems that you’ve never heard of is alcohol and prescription drug abuse among adults …

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The New Peer Pressure: Hashtags and Facebook Feeds

Brad Lamm, CIP I can remember being in school and the hero worship my fellow classmates and I had for celebrities like Cheryl Ladd and …

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Your History Removes Some Mystery

Brad Lamm, CIP Bobbi Kristina Brown, Whitney Houston and Bobby Brown’s daughter, grown up girl of addiction? The National Council on Alcoholism and Drug Dependence, …

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heroin and syringe

Heroin Deaths: Twice As Bad

Brad Lamm, CIP Double the deaths. Heroin continues to kill. Just how bad is it? Beyond bad, and more terrible than you have heard. The …

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woman smoking cigarette

NYC: Smoking Spikes

Brad Lamm, CIP Smoking kills, right? We all know that. Nobody’s lining up fighting for the rights of the smoker, nor the wellness smoking bestows …

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teen smoking marijuana

Junior HIGH: Kids and Marijuana

  Brad Lamm, CIP | Country-wide legalization of marijuana is inevitable. It seems simply when, and not if. Despite differences of opinions we have on …

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